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Busy Bee

I had a busy week of designing. On Wednesday, I did work for 5 clients! Nicole got all the sidebars updated and adjusted on her blog, DeeDee got the photo in her header updated, Irma got a new header (and I adjusted the width of the blog), Karyn got her referral pics added to her header (which is a service I provide free to my clients that are awaiting referral), and I got started on Pat's new look on her blog. In addition, Lori ordered a makeover! My design queue is getting longer, BUT I can fit YOU in! (Things like blog buttons, graphics, and updates are done quickly. The wait for a makeover is about 7-10 days, but I have flexible clients and if you need something done sooner...I'd bump you near the front of the line!!!)

Today I created new blog buttons, put the finishing touches on Pat's proof, and started working on a new design for this blog!! And the day is not done...
Now with Baby

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