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Another Blog Button

Jessica contacted me last night and requested a blog button for her blog. I was able to create a button that matched the design of her blog. I charge $6 for this service (which includes the widget code for cut & paste as shown below) You too can order this service! I'll have it done within 24 hours of payment. Payment options for blog buttons have been added to my PayPal code to the right.
Piece of Me

5 compliments:

Karlana said...

I have been trying to find out how to get one of those scrolling boxes so I could do the same on my site, but I can never figure the closest phrase for my search!

Either way, nicely done! I love it!

MySweetThree said...

Diana..I am going to need to hire you!! hee hee...um, seriously, I desperately NEED a widget thing-a-ma-bob for my entrecard! Mine is terrible..Just as soon as i make a few more sales, I will have some money in paypal to cover the costs..
And do you do banners for Etsy shops? how much? Will you leave me a comment on my blog to let me know these answers? Is there a better way to contact you? lol...it is probably somewhere on your blog, I just need to look!
It is late, I am tired! Okay..so let me know..(if ANY of this is making sense!!) =)

Erin Tales said...

Nice work!

I still love your moving headers the MOST, though. :) People need to order those! Especially for the holidays!

Joanna said...

I'm one survey away from a button! LOL Seriously, yahoo ID? Did you get my email?

One Creative Queen said...

Wow!! $6? That's nothing! Stop tempting meeee! lol

My best friend in the universe does Chinese adoptions - she's been involved with that for years. You two probably know each other - we'll have to discuss when I can afford for you to DO a blog template, etc. (I so don't have one now - embarrassing since I've been blogging for...uuummm...years. Oy!)

Out of curiosity, do you only do PayPal payments? Or can you take straight credit card payments?

I'm still loving looking around your blog - it's beautiful!


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