S'MORE First Grade Fun

Kay came back for a 2nd design from me for her S'MORE First Grade Fun blog. She's joining forces with another teacher from her school to run this teaching blog.
teacher blogger design makeover

Watermelon Shaped in 3rd Grade

Susan snatched up one of the pre-made one of a kind blog designs that I posted this week. Her watermelon themed teaching blog got a custom look installed for only $25.

old blog design boring

teacher custom blog makeover
Happiness is Watermelon Shaped in 3rd Grade

Kindergarten Kiosk part 2

Kathy purchased a pre-made design from me a few years ago. She came back to me to upgrade her design to match the theme of her Kindergarten Kiosk blog. I thought a lemonade stand was like a kiosk, so we went with with that theme. I think it turned out really cute!! Since she was a repeat client I was able to replace some of the old images (button & signatures) with the new ones and they automatically updated where they were posted.

The Educated Crown

One of the things I love about blog design is transforming blogs into something the client really loves. Vanessa waited patiently while I was on vacation to have me transform her blog. She had created a header that she loved for her teaching blog, but she wanted to polish the blog off with a complete look.
custom blog design education
custom blog makeover design

Mrs. Albanese's Class

Alessia approached me to make adjustments to her teaching blog. The background was not wide enough and blurry and she had many other things that needed to be cleaned up. She wanted to stick with the same apple theme.
custom teacher blog design
Here is the much improved design!
teaching custom blog makeover

Krazee 4 Kindergarten

Danielle is Krazee about teaching Kindergarten and her blog reflects it. She did an excellent job of picking out design elements. This is one of all time favorites!

I am now accepting new clients!

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