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I got my moJO back!

I haven't posted in several days, but I have been keeping very busy. As you can see my design queue is getting longer. The current wait time to begin a new blog design is running about 7-9 days. I hate to make clients wait, but it's well worth it. Just ask Jo!

Jo won a blog makeover from me 13 months ago. She's enjoyed her design and even had me upgrade the design to 3 columns in March. She wanted to lighten up her blog and change to a different layout, so she came back for a redesign. This time she proposed a barter...which I am always willing to consider. In exchange for her fabulous new blog, she will be giving me a BIG discount on my son's senior portraits. In fact, my son will be getting his portraits done this spring and he will be a class rep for class of 2011 for her photography biz.
Check out Jo's blog~ Life's Perfect Pictures


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Jo said...

OK, I cannot quit looking at my blog now!! I LOVE it!!

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