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Jo contacted to alter her blog design (which I did a few months ago) from 2 columns to 3. I was seamlessly able to get it done. I'm quite proud of myself that I got it correct the first try! w00t!



9 compliments:

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love it! I'm so looking to find what I need and if I can sneak a little monkey ... LOL

Natalija said...

I have 3 columns, too, and I must say that it's much more comfortable. Good job, Diana :)

One Creative Queen said...

Mmm I love what you did! That is exactly what I want - a 3 column. You do excellent work, that's for sure!

Every time I see one of your new designs, I think "yep - I want that one" - but then the next is even better. You just amaze me!

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