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I've been busy with a lot of behind the scenes stuff lately...adding a 3rd column to a blog, creating horizontal nav links under a header, blog management, etc. Not things I can really show you. But I do have 2 new blog designs done.

Deb's blog has a new look.
And Abby of Simply Charming in SC took advantage of the discount she got at the CBD birthday party and has a cool new look.

7 compliments:

Abby said...

I couldn't love my new design anymore than I already do. Thank you SO MUCH!! It looks fantastic! I can't wait to hear what all my readers have to say!!!!!!!

BIG hugs,

Petula said...

Your work is very nice. I really like Lin's design at Duck and Wheel with String.

Gina said...

I love Simply Charming! So spring and light!

Sorry it's been so long since I stopped in! It's been crazy busy here and I'm WAY behind on reviews!

How long before you can create me a new blog design? I have no idea what I want yet! something with PINK! Bright, cheerful, fun. And I need something to label my stinkin' posts. Grrr...my labels are showing up and I have no clue how to fix it!

Natalija said...

Great job! And I agree with Corrie: Simply Charming in SC is gorgeous. Maybe because I'm a big fan of polka dots :)

Abby said...

Psssst...I have a secret confession to make...everytime I sit down at the computer, even if it's just to check my email really quick, I open my blog so I can look at all it's prettiness. :) Shhh...it's a secret.


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