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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

To celebrate Custom Blog Design's first birthday...I bought myself a gift yesterday. You can see my old laptop in the background of the 2nd pic. I know that it's perspective, but the new one is a lot bigger!! I spent several hours yesterday removing all the junk that HP had installed on it. All the trial stuff and programs I just don't need. Then DH added PSE and other stuff I like and he played with it a little bit. I didn't fiddle around with it until this afternoon. I was able to bring over all my bookmarks easily, so it's a smooth transition. The WIDE screen is nice!! I am glad I didn't have any clients scheduled today, which has given me the chance to break this in. Tomorrow I get to test out PSE, which was S-L-O-W on my old laptop. Once I have the old laptop cleared and wiped, I am putting it on Craig's List. My birthday isn't for 2 months...but CBD's bday was reason enough to get it! w00t!

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MySweetThree said...

Woo Hoo! You deserve such a lovely gift! ANd I just blogged about your birthday bash...well, in a rambling fashion...But that is just the way I do it...I'm a bit of a rambler, you know! =)

Nick: The Pinball Blog said...

Happy Birthday CBD! I'm just about to hit the 'contact' button and get something else done! :o)

Margot said...

Wow I know your excited about that. I'd love to get a laptop.

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