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Blogging Tips Day 3- Blogger Nav Bar

OK...some people think that that blogger nav bar that automatically appears at the top of a blogger blog is annoying, but I love it!! The nav bar can be removed, but I've never done it. Here's how I utilize the nav bar.

1- Click on the B and you will be taken to your dashboard
2- Search for content on a blog. This is fav part. Let's say you remember a chicken soup recipe on a certain blog but you don't want to go scrolling through all the post to find it. Type chicken soup and click search blog. All posts on that blog that contain the words chicken soup will appear. So just type your keyword(s) in that box and then click on search blog (3) .
X- Flag Blog...don't accidently click this one. I've never flagged a blog and I would only do so if I read through what blogger deems should be flagged first.
4- Click to create a new post
5- Clicking customize brings you to layout at dasboard
6- Sign In/Sign Out

OK...I need to follow up on yesterday's tip. I had a few email inquiries about this one.

When you export your blog, it is saved in Blogger Atom export format. You can do this to move your blog to another blogging service or simply to store your blog on your own hard drive

Someone pointed out that several months back I gave different directions for backing up a blog. With that you just right click (or ctrl-S) to Save Page As. Depending on which browser you are using this should save an html format of your blog and might save the graphics off the blog. This is great for capturing your template, it only shows the posts on that page. So you could go through you archives and save a little at a time.

I am not trying to confuse people here. The tips I gave on Monday & Tuesday are the most straightforward and are ones recommended by blogger.

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Joanna said...

I love the navbar, to me it's so handy! I can see how the other tip might be a little confusing, but it's important to backup the template as well as the content - so I get it!

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