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Blogging Tips Day 4- Quick Edit Posts

Have you ever seen a little pencil at the end of a post on some blogs? Wondered what it is for? It's the post quick editing tool. Just click on it and the post comes up to edit. You must be logged into your own account for to use it. Don't worry...others can't click it and edit your posts.

If you don't have the pencil showing but want it...here is what you do. Click on layout.1- Click edit on the Blog Posts box

2- Configure blog posts window comes up and make sure Show Quick Editing is checked, and then click SAVE.

OK...WHY would you want the quick editing to show? Are you a person that has to go back and fix a mistake or change a post? This is much quicker than going to the posting tab at dashboard, and then clicking edit posts, then looking through the list to find the post you want. Save yourself some time!!

OK~ I spend some time this morning putting together a puzzle as one of the games for Saturday's birthday party. It's going to be lots of fun...so make sure you come back Saturday morning at 10am CST. I also plan on verifying giveaway entries today!

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