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Happy Birthday~ Enjoy some cake!

Thanks for making the birthday celebration a success!!
Everyone who participated in the party gets an extra entry into the blog makeover giveaway AND gets a one time use 10% off discount for any CBD services, good through April 30, 2009.

5 compliments:

Abby said...

Wowie!!! That's one colorful cake. Reminds me of something off of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network LOL...love Duff, he's great. :)

Anyway--what a great party! Congrats on your one year of excellent blogdom, CBD!!!! Can't wait to hear who wins the big drawing later---I'm tuning in!


Brooke said...

That cake looks very yummy! Can't wait to hear the lucky winner!


Debz said...

What a pretty cake! Makin me hungry!
Looks like I missed most of the party. I hope everyone had fun!

Anj said...

Beautiful cake -- I might could match it on taste, but never on design! It was so much fun being involved in your little 'birthday party', what a creative thing to do. Hope you have many more blog birthdays to come.

Jo said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday Diana! Sorry I missed the festivities this morning but I was out in the cold and snow!! Yuck!

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