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Blog Quiz Game

Here's the final game, which is a quick search quiz. When you've answered all the questions, email me your answers. The first person to get all the answers right will get their choice of 6 headers that I have created, which I will be customized for them. These headers are samples that I put together and do not appear on any other blogs. Each choice holds one photo and will be customized with your text. If none of these choices suits your blog, then you may gift the header to a friend or family member.

1. How much do I charge for an 8" x 10" custom digital scrapbook page?

2. What digital kit did I use for the Latin Asian Fusion makeover?

3. How many testimonials do I have posted?

4. What is the title on the blog I finished on 10/9/08?

5. What charity do I support?

6. What grammatical mistake did I make on a post this during the celebration this week?

7. Whose digital kit did I use for the Life's Perfect Pictures makeover?

8. How many awards do I have displayed?

9. How many Entrecard drops did The Sewing Mom have on me for January 2009? (hint: She was a top dropper!)

10. What is step 4 in the order process for a blog makeover?

Good Luck and thanks for participating in all the fun CBD bday activities this week!

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