I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the blog makeover process work?

When you want your blog redone, please email me. I will send you a questionnaire about what you want out of your makeover. Upon reviewing that, I will provide some design possibilities. When we've agreed on what graphics will be used for the design, I purchase the digital products and begin work on your design. I will provide you with a proof of the design and you will look it over and let me know of any changes you want. When the design is as you want it, you provide me with your log-in/password information so that I can get your blog installed.

2. How long does a blog makeover take?

Depending on how many clients are on my list, it could be up to a week for your blog to be completed. I have a list of current clients on my sidebar. I usually work in order, but will jump ahead as I wait to hear back about proofs or other info. Signatures or other quick graphics are done within a day or 2.

3. Can you use any digital kit for a makeover?

No. Each digital designer has created a terms of usage for their products. Some allow web/blog design and some don't. I have come up with a list of designers that do allow their products to be used in this way. We will pick the product that will be used from that list. The cost of this kit is figured into your makeover price. If you pick a designer that requires a commercial license (only a few on my list do), you will be required to cover the cost of that license. Most designers require that their products be credited and I will add that info/link to your sidebar.

4. What does a blog makeover entail?

I provide 2 makeover packages: the basic blog makeover and the premium blog makeover. Parts of a makeover are labeled below. Both services provide a custom header (1), a background to match (2), custom coloring, and a custom site icon to replace the orange B of blogger up on the browser bar(3). The premium package has the header animated, and includes a custom signature (A), sidebar tags (B), and an image between posts (C). You may add a custom signature (A), sidebar tags (B), and/or an image between posts (C) for $5 each to a basic makeover.
**Please note that the quality of photos is compromised with animation,
therefore I encourage you to use very few or no photos for this blog service.**

5. What if I need extra help with my blog after you've made it over?

I will provide simple instructions for using your custom signature and let you know about any sidebar tags that I've added. If you need further help beyond that, I will charge you $5-$10 per request. My focus is on the basic design elements outlined in question 4.
I have developed some tutorials of basic blogging tips. Please see the bottom of my sidebar for links.

6. I still have classic blogger. Can you customize it?

Designs are very limited with classic blogger, so I will upgrade so that your site can look it's best.

7. I just want a new header for my blog. How much is that?

I will create a new header and install it for $25. It's $35 for an animated header.

8. How do I pay you?

I use PayPal for payment. Once we've figured out what services you are getting then I will send a PayPal invoice to you. There are also Pay Now buttons in my sidebar that you can use.
PayPal is quick, easy, and secure. They accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and eCheck from your bank account. They do not share any account information with me. If you don't want to open a PayPal account you can still pay me through PayPal. There is instructions for paying without an account on the lower left side of the PayPal page when you click Pay Now.

9. How come others charge more for a makeover?

I've tried to figure that out myself! Even with my recent increase, I feel my prices are very fair for the services I provide. Once you start working with me you will see that I take the time to create a design that is truly unique to you and that my customer service is top notch! You won't be disappointed!

10. I am awaiting an adoption referral. Will you add a photo to my header once I've received it?

Please discuss this with me ahead of time and I will come up with a plan on how that will be added for no additional charge. If you are going with an animated header, I will charge you $8 to add that photo in (as I have to start over with the animation process.) If you are near to referral and want your header animated, I recommend that we wait to animate it until after you have your referral picture. Then you won't be charged the extra $8.

11. Do you have any discounts available?

For returning blog makeover customers I will provide either a 20% discount or provide extras for no additional cost.

12. Do you only do makeovers for blogger?

No. I have worked with blog.com and typepad. I can learn how to customize wordpress too!

13. If I have a domain name can it be linked to blogger?

Yes! I can assist with this. Please contact me for more information.

14. Do you provide any other services?

YES! I can make custom blinkies, banners, or other graphics. I also do custom digital scrapbooking. Please contact me for more information on custom graphics. Custom digital scrapping information can be found at my other business site: Red Thread Creations

15. Does your site support any charities?

YES! Starfish Foster Home for Special Needs Orphans in China receives a portion of each makeover.

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