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Makeover Puzzle Game - Answers Added!

It's time for the puzzle game. What you need to do is identify the 17 blog makeovers I've done in the puzzle below. Each puzzle piece is numbered. I am looking for the title or URL to each one. Utilize the list of blogs I've done in my sidebar for your search. When you've figured it all out, email me your answers. The first person to get all the right answers will win a $25 gift certificate to Custom Blog Designs.

**Congratulations to Vanessa for getting all the answers right. She won the $25 gift certificate.**

1. Marlie and Me
2. Simply Charming in SC
3. Our Double Blessing From China
4. Our Happily Ever After
5. My Journey in a Mixed Up World
6. Pet Peeve and Other Ramblings
7. Doin' the Working Mom Thing
8. Little Miss's Blanket and Stuff
9. Journey to Isabella
10. Propeller Head Mom
11. The Clan McLeod
12. Just Jacob and Joleigh
13. Life's Picture Perfect
14. From One Princess to Another...
15. Misplaced City Girl
16. Duck & Wheel with String
17. Running Away? I'll help you pack

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