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Blog Quiz Game - Answers Added!

Here's the blog quiz game, which is a quick search quiz. All the answers are contained within this blog. When you've answered all the questions, email me your answers. The first person to get all the answers right will get a $25 gift certificate to Custom Blog Designs.

**We had a tie between Rochelle & Tiffany. We did a tie breaker and Rochelle won the $25 Gift Certificate. Tiffany got a runner-up $10 Gift Certificate!**

1. How much do I allow for design elements on an Ultimate Makeover package? $10

2. What digital kit did I use for the Kelley Miller Photography makeover?
OK...I messed up on this one and REALLY confused everyone. I am sorry! I meant to say Kelley's family blog. I didn't use a kit on her photography blog, but accepted ourblogtemplates.com as an answer!

3. When did I finish the Savvy Moms Save blog? 10/23/2009

4. What is the title of the button I created with dogs sitting in the grass on it? Love My 2 Dogs

5. How much have I donated to charity? $799

6. Who said "Diana is a pleasure to work with." in their testimonial? Nicole/Momtrends

7. What was the prize for the first giveaway in August 2009? Custom Twitter Background

8. What do I routinely give out $5 coupons for? Referring a friend (for a makeover)

9. How much do I charge to get moved to the top of the queue for a blog makeover? $10 extra

10. How many people have viewed my How to Add & Edit Your Blog Sidebar on Blogger on YouTube? approximately 10,594 (or anything close)

2 compliments:

Cora said...

Man I had them all except that last one. Had technical difficulties and Jim had to help me. We both had a great time thanks for being such a great hostess.

Tiffy said...

Thanks so much for the runner up prize! One step closer to doing something new & wonderful with my blog! I had a great time at the party.

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