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CBD has a new look!

As you can see, Custom Blog Designs has a new look. It's been something I've had in the works for several weeks...I just haven't had time to install. I plan on keeping this design for at least a year. I feel it's important to give Custom Blog Designs a recognizable look. I know it's not my normal scrappy style, but it's cute! I will change the (black) background from time to time...and I might make some minor tweaks to the overall design, but I am keeping the flowers, tree, birds, and purple! I've created new buttons and uploaded them to replace the old ones, so those of you who had a button up will see the new graphics on your blog.

I've also added a new blog makeover package to my offerings. It's called the Ultimate Blog Makeover. It has everything that the Extreme Package has (custom header, backgrounds to match, custom coloring, custom favicon (URL icon), signature, sidebar tags or graphic, post divider, numbered comments, comment icon, matching blog button, and navigation link bar PLUS

*special font installation for post & sidebar titles
*choice of 2 (stock image, matching Twitter background,
custom graphic, or move to the
top of my design queue)
*$10 design elements allowance

I've been getting more and more makeover requests and the wait to begin a new design is approaching 2 weeks. For those who don't want to wait more than a few days for their makeover, a $10 fee can be paid on top of the makeover fee to jump to the top of my design queue.

In just a few weeks CBD turns 2. To celebrate I will be offering a giveaway each week in February. I also plan on having an online birthday party on February 20th or 21st. If you came to last year's party, you know that it was FUN!! Please come back for more details. You can also subscribe by email (which will be a requirement for all giveaways!)

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So what do you think of the changes to the site??

6 compliments:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

you go girly.. you are just bloosoming ...
love the new look and I will be getting mine in a couple months..
I think I can only have a look for a year also..
have a great day..
off to change the cookies..

Jim and April said...

LOVE your new design! its awesome! i have gotten SO MANY compliments on our blog!

Abby said...

Diana, it's fantastic! Purple is my new favorite obsession! Way to go, girlie!

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