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CBD Now Offers Custom Twitter Backgrounds

I have added Custom Twitter Backgrounds to my list of services here at Custom Blog Designs. If you have ordered or had a makeover done by me then the custom background is $12. If you just need the background and haven't ordered a makeover the cost is $17*. These fees include installation and custom colorization to match the background.
*The cost may be higher if graphics need to be purchased for the background.

Here are some twitter backgrounds I've done~

5 compliments:

Nicole Feliciano said...

I love the twitter page Donna made for me. She is a joy to collaborate with on these projects!

Shane & Irma said...

I see all this new things in both of your blogs. You have made great changes. I got so cought up on facebook I forgot to do the blogs. I'm still learning the facebook.

Jeannie said...

Are you on Twitter? Let me know so I can follow you. Or follow me and I'll follow back. @mamabusypants.

I'll be tweeting about this!

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