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Simple Designs @ Simple Prices

I just finished blog work for 3 clients. I ended up charging each less than the quote/package because I created a simple design. I know I could have just pocketed the extra, but it wouldn't be right to charge them too much.

Suzanne asked for a standard blog makeover package which is $60, but I charged her for a basic makeover because she didn't get all the extras that go with the standard package. (Mendy referred Suzanne...so Mendy earned a $5 referral coupon for this blog makeover!)
Kim had me complete her secondary blog. Since I used the same template as her first blog and only changed the header and background, I only charged her $30.
Finally, my girl Jen treated herself to a little birthday present in the form of a new blog. I went VERY basic with this one, so I charged her 1/2 of the basic makeover package price.Do you want something a little more on the simple side for your blog? Contact me and I'll give you a quote!!

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Natalija said...

Very simply, but still works :) I love black & red one. Good job!

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