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Blog Enhancement

My favorite pinball guy in the UK had a new header on his blog. He provided images for me to put into each letter for an updated look on his pinball blog.Dawn was frustrated with the layout of her blog, but liked the header she had. She contacted me and I was able to put a camo background, add a 2nd sidebar, and color the sidebars. She is very happy with it!

5 compliments:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I kind of like how on Dawn's blog you have her things on the left side bar..
I might have to think about that one..
Have fun..
Trying to get a few seconds of internet..lol

Dawn said...

Thank you so very much, I am very pleased!!! I probably looked at my blog 50 times last night, lol. Hugs, Dawn

Nick said...

Thanks Diana for my new pinball header, I'll probably want a change (again) in a few months so I'll be back! x

Shane & Irma said...

Thank you fro helping out my friend Diana. She loves her blog and I love it too. I'm glad she contacted you for help.
Have a great week.

Queen Katherine said...

Ok look. I'm really upset with you. I don't know how else to say it - so I'll just come out with it.

STOP posting all these fantastic upgrades and designs you come up with.! I'm groovin' on the Pinball header - I love the pictures inside the letters. Great job on both!

If you don't cease and desist immediately, you can expect more novel emails about my design. And we know how much you love those. muwahaha

More great blog additions - I just love your stuff! xx

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