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2 More Blogs

I did a HUGE amount of work this week! 4 complete blogs plus a lot of other work. Here are the other 2 I did.

Mendy, who was my very first client took advantage of the 15% off coupon she won at the CBD Birthday Bash and had her blog redone again. I think it came out quite cute!Pam also had me redo her blog.
I am chilling today since it's my bday! My list of clients that I will work on will go up tomorrow!

11 compliments:

LoveMy2Dogs said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birhtday to you! Happy Birthday to Diana, Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy Birthday Girly..
Your blogs are always BEAUTIFUL..
Have a great evening..

One Creative Queen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I would sing...but then you would wish you were dead. ;)

Beautiful work, hun. I never cease to be amazed by your magnificent work. You may be old (or at least the same age as the rest of us!), but you only improve with age. Can I have some of what you take, please? ;)

Colleen said...

Looking good girl!!! I love all your designs...but I especially love mine : )
You already know I will pass your info along to anyone I know that needs a blog makeover.

Colleen said...

I hit send too fast oops!
Happy Happy Birthday...would you like me to sing to you : )

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