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5 Happy Clients!

As you can see by my design queue I have lots of clients waiting. I was able to get 5 crossed off today.

Peggy got a new button.Sarah got a button & a siggy.Cora added to her recent makeover with some buttons & a business card.Kim got a custom graphic for an online baby shower she is hosting.And Angela got a nifty looking makeover.

5 compliments:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are one busy lady..
And AMAZING at that..
Have a great Sat..
Glad to see my name on the bottom one too..lol

Natalija said...

Great job, Diana! I love the makeover you did for Angela's blog. So pink :)

One Creative Queen said...

:::throws hands up::: HOW do you do it? Seriously...I want to know how. Each of those recent buttons/siggy/card/make overs you did are just scrumdiddlyumptious! You are the only person I've ever met who has managed to WOW! me with every project you create. There isn't one thing I've ever seen you do that I just don't care for.

I don't know how you do it...but you've got style to spare! (BTW - I love what you did for Sarah!_

Angie Marion said...

Yes I did get a new look and I LOVE it!!!! thanks soo much Diana! I'm on your FB page right now.

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