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Makeover Puzzle Quiz

OK...it's time for our first game. What you need to do is identify the 20 blog makeovers I've done in the puzzle below. Each puzzle piece is numbered. Utilize the list of blogs I've madeover in my sidebar for your search. When you've figured it all out, email me your answers. The first 2 people to get all the answers will win a custom digital brag book size scrapbook, which will be created by none other than one of my business associates, TragedyScrapinAnnie of Keepsake Creators. Tragedy is awesome scrapper and she works quickly! Winners will be provided with some previews of digital kits to pick from and will then provide digital photos for Tragedy to scrap with. Brag book size is standard 4x6 and can be printed at home or any photo processing place. I will provide more details to each winner.

click on image to open enlarged view

9 compliments:

Tamra said...

I'm here for the party also. Going to work on the first puzzle!

Happy Birthday!

Abby said...

Wow!! I'm already behind the curve b/c I was late! I'm on it!!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

How's it going? 24 mins in and no winners yet. Keep it up! The chat will be up in 6 mins!

Abby said...

I'm only missing two but I went thru the whole list already!! Startin' over LOL

Abby said...

Ok...whew. I finished. :) I sent you an email thru my email, I hope that's the right address, rather than clicking on your link above!


Jimh. said...

Cool gme, but I am going to wait and see if you have a shoot'em up game...maybe chess? Got any airplanes? OK, I give.

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