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Blogging Tips Day 6- Your Tips

OK, I've decided to turn the table and have YOU give a blogging tip. Is there a simple trick you know? Do you have advice about getting readers to your blog? Do you have posting advice. Please use the comment section to add anything you think that might be helpful to others.

Don't forget the birthday party is tomorrow...see post below.
Entry for the giveaway ends at 5pm CST tomorrow. Get your entries in. (Birthday party participants get an extra entry!)

2 compliments:

Amanda said...

Well, here is one that may increase reader comments. When posting, try to end by asking a question. Readers like to read posts, but mostly don't take time to just say "great post." BUT, if you ask a question, they desire to give their .02 worth.

Since I have started asking questions on my posts, my comments have gone way up.

I am Harriet said...

Here is a tip.
You don't want to lose your posts.

I am such a dork :)

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