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Blogging Tips Day 1- Backing Up Your Template

This is the first of six blogging tips that I will be posting to celebrate Custom Blog Designs first birthday. I've already figured out what I am posting for 5 of the days, and might come up something for the last day based on any questions that arise.

I've had a few people ask me what they can do to make sure they don't lose their awesome blog design. It's a great idea to back up your blog template. Here are the steps.
1- At blogger dashboard click on Layout.
2- Then click on Edit HTML
X- Make sure you don't Pick New Template. If you do, and then actually pick a new template the design that you have will disappear!

Then the following page will come up.
1- Click on Download Full Template and download the template. It will be named something like template-282235459.xml. You can rename it, but don't alter the extension. I like to rename mine something like CDBtemplate-21509.xml
X- Don't mess with the code at all!

Tomorrow I will tell you how to back up your posts!

6 compliments:

annie kelleher said...

oh my i never realized that!! thanks for sharing that... and i am dying to know how to back up posts!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I should do mine .. did it that one time..
Have a great Sunday..

Amanda said...

Great visuals for the tutorial! I linked to it from my blog. Also, I added your giveaway on the sidebar of Beautiful Blog Designs. Hope it sends some traffic your way.

Lin said...

Um....I'm the knucklehead who made her brand new sparkly Diana-created blog disappear by not realizing there was a new template check marked. Oops. Be sure to double and triple check that there is no new template checked inadvertantly!!!

A HUGE thank you to Diana who fixed it immediately while I chewed my fingernails nervously and was next to tears!!! Hooray! Diana saves the day!!

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