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New Look

Do you like the new look? It took longer to install than I thought. I know I have a little more tweaking to do, but I will go about that slowly!

I don't know why that read more... is there and I'd like to adjust the size & width of the text. PLUS I need to make new buttons, and get the linked biz blogs updated with the new look...

11 compliments:

Joanna said...

I love it! So fun and cheery - great for the impending Spring! I'm still jealous you guys didn't get snow LOL - we have 4-5 inches already! And I think they're expecting more tonight! Oh and I also wanted to tell you that I put your button special on my blog ;-)

Cora said...

Love the way the colunms are. I eventually want a 3 column blog.

Lin said...

Oooh, it is soooo tempting. I'm sooo thinking about changing mine. Oh, what I couldn't do with three columns! I'm saving up my pennies......

piece of me said...

I really like it!

I have an award for you on my blog! I just seen someone beat me to the punch though! :)

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