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Finally...an update!

You must think I am slacking, but I have been very busy designing. I've had lots of behind the scene stuff going on...making adjustments to blogs, graphics, answering TONS of email. BUT I do have some designs to show you.

Annie has a new blog design & button. She wanted to keep it simple and her Celtic design looks good.

Kristin has a new banner for her etsy store & a blog button. I tried a new effect with the text and it came out well!
I am finishing up Jenny's blog. Here is a shot of her proof. Jenny's been one of my recent clients that is not in a huge hurry, which allows me to procrastinate!! LOL!
This weekend will see work on Jennifer's makeover, plus I am giving my daughter's blog a NEW look for the (Chinese) New Year!!

4 compliments:

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I know you have been busy..
THANK YOU for everything you do..
Love ya girly..
Can't wait to see Dori's blog..

Abby said...

I just LOVE Kristin's button and banner. They are so super cute!!!! You do great work, wish I had your talent!

Kristin said...

Oh Yes...Just LOOK at Kristin's banner and button...don't they look so wonderfully wonderful?



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