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Family FotoFun Friday: Military

I have started Family FotoFun Friday up on my Diana's Daily Ramblings blog. The theme for the first week is military in honor of Veteran's Day. I thought I'd participate on this blog with a header I made for my friend Irma. This is her hubby Shane who is currently serving. I am proud of Shane and other who are diligently serving our country, families like Irma's who lovingly support their military loved ones, and of all the veterans who have served our country!

5 compliments:

Shane & Irma said...

OMG! Diana, thank you for the post here on your blog of us.And also for the posting on the blog. I thank you for the thoughs. He is coming home this weekend thank God. All that you have done for me I aprreciated very much. I will looking for you soon.

B Boys Mom said...

I love the header you made. You did a great job and really honored him.

Jolly Mom said...

Great header for a wonderful cause...supporting our troops!

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