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And the winner is...

Last night we held the drawing. 30 people entered and my son picked out SAINA as our winner. Saina is the sister of Sennumaria, who is a member of my DTC group. Saina has 2 adorable boys that will be fun to design around. Saina wins a complete blog makeover, which will be done this week. The rest of the entries get 20% off my custom blog/graphic services to use when they want. I have some a la carte services listed and will be adding digital scrapbooking services soon. If there is something you want that is not listed, just contact me for more info.

Congratulations Saina! You can see the drawing below.

5 compliments:

Mendy said...

Parker is so cute! I love the "what is this for?" Good job, Diana!

Saina said...

Yay!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks, Diana, for doing the contest! (I never win anything!!)
And thanks, Sis (sennachie :D) for letting me know about this! :)
And thanks, Parker, you are my good luck charm! :)

boyervillescraps said...

Congrats, Saina! Hey, guess what, I'm gonna go for it and have you overhaul the bloggie for me! Will send you an email!

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