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Custom Blog Design Giveaway WINNER - ReDraw!

The first name drawn on my Win This Custom Blog Design Giveaway did not claim their prize so I had to redraw. I actually had to redraw a total of 19 times because people did NOT enter correctly! Very frustrating and it makes me NOT want to host giveaways because it's so much work! The new winner has 48 hours (by 2:30pm CST on Thursday, March 7th) to email me to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed another winner will be chosen. Click the link below to see who the winner is.
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4 compliments:

Kathryn said...

I do not know who the original winner is but I noticed that I wasn't receiving your updates until recently. As a blogger myself, I know this can be frustrating and I haven't figured it out. It seems as though facebook changes things every now and then. Maybe this happened to others also. Thankfully, I am getting your updates once again. Congrats to Barb C - I hope she sees this (for her sake and yours :).

Madonna said...

I didn't find your giveaway in time to enter so I know its not me but I do understand your frustrations. I don't know why when the giveaways are so easy people just cheat and don't do the likes and follows as they should. :( The only time I have done something similar was the past week when I entered a giveaway and one of the entries was the friend the person on facebook. I did but then I unfriended her because in 48 hours all she posted over and over again were pictures of abused animals.

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