Boys Galore!

Alison is a wonderful client who has me redesign her blog once a year. She's going to give birth to a baby boy soon, so her blog now has an all boys theme!

Traci Redone

Traci had me makeover her blog a few months ago and came back this week for an update because they just received the great news that they've been approved to adopt a little girl from China.

My Blog Redesigned

I've been wanting to do this for a few weeks, but I finally got my personal Diana Rambles blog redesigned. I changed to a slightly different template that has 1 less sidebar and a cleaner overall look. I've always just had my mugshot in the header, but I added a tri-photo frame which shows the various things I like to blog/ramble about.

Updated Header

Kari had new family photos taken so she had me update her header from this~
to this~

I am now accepting new clients!

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