I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Dorothy Bankheader

Mandy contacted me to give her brand new DorothyBankhead.com blog a custom look. Her blog is a mash of Dorothy Parker and Tallulah Bankhead. I think I was able to accomplish a good look for this blog.

Crunchy Frugalista

Ashley wanted a natural look for her Crunchy Frugalista blog so she picked stock photos for me to use in her design. She was super easy to work with and didn't ask for any edits, so I threw in a few extras.

Busy Afternoon

I just finished up 3 installations this afternoon!

Kari had me do 2 blogs with a coffee theme. The first was for her personal Coffee Catharsis blog and the other was for her Coffee GFCF blog.I also redesigned Heather's Culinary Chase blog. We were unable to locate a stock image that she liked, so she drew the fiddlehead image that was used in the header.

There's More to Life...

Lindsey paid to jump to the top of the queue for her More to Life than Baseball blog. Her finance is a pro baseball player and she blogs about her life.

Enjoying Everyday

Sue is a client who contacted me for a redesign of their family blog. She went from a bright ladybug design to a lovely Asian floral.

Font Choices at Blogger

One of the recent upgrades with Blogger is the expansion of available fonts to customize your blog with. There used to be a choice of 7 and how there are a bunch with the addition of Web Fonts. Here are some easy instructions for updating your blog!

First~ Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the Template Designer link.Go down and click Advanced. Do not mess with the area I have shaded or any of the other settings!
Click on the part you want to change (here I have clicked on Sidebar Title Font) and then scroll down in the font box to the right to find the font you want. Click Apply to Blog over to the right and then go take a look to see if you like the font. You can adjust the size of the font below that scroll box.
So your sidebar can go from one of the basic 7 fonts to something different like this~Please note! Not all web fonts options will look good. It could have to do with the font itself or your template. So use some trial and error to find what you like. If you have a custom template or use a freebie professional template or similar, you might not have the option to change your fonts!

No Ordinary Family

My good friend Cora (who I met IRL on our way back from Alaska) cached in a coupon & gift certificate she had for a new look for her blog. It's a bright new look! She picked out the name No Ordinary Family well before the show in ABC aired!

CBD is more than blogs!

Nearly all the work I do are blog designs, but I can do other graphics such as invitations, photo cards, digital scrapbook pages, business cards, Twitter backgrounds, etc.

I just completed a birthday party invite for Alexis's son.I also recently created a custom yearbook page for Amy's daughter.Personal info blurred out!

1st Friday Freebie: Circles Brag Template Set

A few months ago I started offering Friday Freebies. These freebies were digital scrapbooking templates that I created a few years ago when I was selling templates in an online shop. I was breaking up sets and offering parts each week and from my download log I could see that several people would download the first week or 2 and then it would trickle off. I don't want people to miss out on my templates, so I have decided to just offer First Friday Freebie for the rest of the year. I will offer a full template set on the first Friday of each month. That freebie will be available for the entire month and then taken down when the new template set comes out.
April's template set is my Circles Brag Book Template set. This versatile set includes ten 4"x6" @ 300dpi PSD files. DOWNLOAD EXPIRED- It was downloaded 164 times.
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