I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

I'm Home!!

We got home from our Alaska trip a few days ago. I've unpacked the motorhome and now have piles/baskets of stuff all over the house. I need a few more days to get completely unpacked and get my bearings. I do plan on returning to work on Monday.

My email will remain on vacation settings until I resume work. If you want some custom work done and you haven't contacted me, please fill out my contact form to get added to my list.

Blogger has changed things around a little and I will be making some changes with my makeover packages, so please bear with me as I get back to speed with my work. Next week we will get getting some upgrades done to my hubby's computer and then we will switch computers. I look forward to being able to run things more efficiently.
Me standing on Matanuska Glacier

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