I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Custom Blog Designs is on vacation!

I've not taken any new clients since Friday, but I've been wrapping up a few adjustments and invoices this week. I am going to sign-off and set my email to vacation mode. If you need to contact me and you have my email address then go ahead and email. I may or may not see it while I am on vacation. I may or may not respond. I do plan on taking my laptop with me and getting online, but that will mostly be to do my own blogging about the trip.

If you want to have me service your blog when I return from vacation, please fill out the contact form here. That will guarantee that your name gets on my wait list. If you are having an issue with your blog you can check my tutorials list (on the middle sidebar, a little below followers.) I just added 2 tips in the posts right below this one. Those are my 2 most common questions. You can also check to see if blogger has any known issues here, the status of blogger here, or check blogger help here. I also recommend googling to help find a solution to a problem!

Have a GREAT summer!!!

How do I post an image and have it linked to a webpage?

Simple. Use this code~If you want your image centered?
Add this before the codeand this after the code

Help! My Sidebar is down at the bottom now!

This has probably occurred because you added a wide image, code you added is incomplete, or had some kind of error in what you posted. If you get a warning that there is an error when you post, don't ignore the error. If you do, your blog will most likely mess up. If you've posted something you copy & pasted from elsewhere (even from a text document) there could be extra code or even missing code which will affect your template. What you need to do is remove the post, widget, or whatever it is you posted or added to your blog before it started acting up. Usually this fixes the problem.

Why I am taking a chunck of summer off!

San Diego, CA
June 9, 1990
20 years ago today DH & I got married! We think 20 years is a HUGE accomplishment so we are celebrating with a family trip to Alaska. Therefore I am taking lots of time off this summer. I am winding down to my last few clients and will be 'off' starting Saturday. I do plan on posting a few tutorials next week that might help people troubleshoot the common questions I get.

2 more and it's almost vacation time!

I just completed 2 blogs. Millie was referred by Dimari for a makeover. Millie wanted a fun bright design.Lea is starting a new blog and wanted an Asian look for it.

Sabrina Jenks Photography

I just had 2 photography makeovers going on at the same time. Sabrina wanted a black and white blog.

Lacy Rane Photography

Lacy was referred by Diane for a new look for her photography blog. Diane gets a referral coupon for sending her my way!

Rambles and Ruminations

I completed a proof for Linsey last week, but she wasn't ready for me to install her new look until today. I love this digital kit that was used for the design.

Delicious Blog

Kim is one of my best clients. I've now done 3 blogs for her. I just finished designing her recipe blog. It's a little different style than her other blogs, but she loves it! Since she's a loyal client I gave her some extras on the package she ordered!

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