I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Kingston Girl

I rounded out the weekend with an Ultimate Makeover for Kingston Girl. I think I hit a home run (like the CUBS did a ton of today!) with this design! Her extras for this package included a stock image, the contact icons, addition of Feedburner, and scrolling codes for the buttons displayed on her sidebar.
Kingston Girl

Butterfly Kisses

Amy just had me give her blog a new look. She wanted a butterfly flying across the header. Amy was actually on my wait list for next week, but she was very prompt in answering emails so I fit her design in sooner.

Mom Diaries

I just completed this button for Zhanna.
Diary of Mama Drama
And this header for Melissa.

Cute Elephants & such

Kimberly and her hubby run an orphanage in Kenya and she wanted a new blog design to reflect their life in Kenya. This is what I came up with.
Huffmans in Kenya

Other work this week has included...
Updating header pics for Alyson & Ford.Creating a new graphic for Crystal.
Crystal & Co - Twins
Making a frame for Alison, who used her referral coupon. Look at her adorable newborn son!
And making a frame for Catherine's blog.

Sweet Little Blog

Carrie at My Little Sweet Boutique waited patiently for her blog design while I was gone for the weekend. She picked out a fun little kit and I came up with this.

Wait List, etc.

I was SOOO busy the beginning of this month and could barely keep up. Then last week came along and things seem to come to a halt. A few clients said they had taxes to pay and just couldn't afford a design right now. Several others just haven't gotten back to me about what they want. I took Friday through Sunday off to go out of town. My driving time game me some time to think.

First off, I wiped my wait list clean this morning. I started a new one that lists the person and the service they are getting. I am going to schedule clients a week at a time. So if you take a look at my list you will see that I am lining up clients for the week of April 26 through May 2 now. I think this will help me to stay on top of things and give clients a good idea of how long they have to wait. I also have a box at the top right sidebar that lists the current work status. I will change that daily.

If your name was on my list last week and you don't see yourself there now, please contact me right away and I'll get you added back in.

English Mum

Emma had me create a header & button for her blog. Since the design went quickly, I got in and made a few adjustments to the template.

Yummy Watermelon!!

I just completed Julie's delicious blog design. She found this adorable digital kit and I contacted the kit designer to see if she was OK with blog design. She said YES and now Julie's blog is so YUMMY!

Birthday Party Invite

Need an invite or announcement? I can help! See what I just made for a client?

Diary of B

SuperGoddess Brittany contacted me to give her blog a Southern/Southern Cal look. She wanted me to use the shape of CA and a magnolia. Here is her bright new look.

Clipping for Cash

Amy wanted an ultimate new look for her Clipping for Cash blog. She picked a stock image and business card as part of her extras.

Aging Mommy

J contacted me for a new header & button for her Aging Mommy blog. She was a super client and paid a little extra, so I threw in a background to match.
Aging Mommy

Welcome to Sheila's Kitchen

Sheila contacted me to give her blog an new look. She's a Gourmet Cupboard distributor and she LOVES to cook, so I came up with this fun kitchen look. She was an Ultimate package client and picked a business card as part of her extras.Sheila awarded me with this lovely blog award for helping her out! Thanks Sheila!!


Back in January I decided to brand my look and came up with the design you see here. I plan on keeping it for at least a year. I also came up with my new Ultimate package. One of the options with the Ultimate package is moving to the top of my queue/wait list. I thought that I would get maybe 1 or 2 Ultimate requests a month. I had no idea how popular it would be. I am getting 2+ Ultimate requests a week. The problem with that is that it pushes the people waiting for other makeover packages back. The current wait to begin a new design is running at least 14 days. I don't like to have people wait that long.

I have decided to stop taking Ultimate/Top of the Queue clients for several days. I need to get my wait list caught up a little and take some time to answer emails. I anticipate opening it back up around Tuesday or so. I will be out of town the following weekend, so it might actually be the 19th before I open it up again. I will continue to accept new clients and add names to the end of my wait list.

If you have emailed me recently and haven't heard back, I apologize for not getting back to you. I am barely keeping my head above water this week, but I hope to get that cleared up SOON!

FYI~ I will be taking the better part of 2 months off this summer for a family trip to Alaska. I am anticipating closing my wait list around the end of May. We will be gone mid-June through late July, so I probably won't get back to work until around the first of August. We are driving an RV so our internet access will be sporadic. I don't want to tell a client that I will "try" to do something when I have access, so I just plan on not working at all.

THANK YOU for your patience and understanding!

Nikki Scott Photography

Nikki contacted me a few weeks ago and waited patiently for her name to move up the wait list. She wanted me to give her Nikki Scott Photography blog an updated look. Here is her new look~
Nikki Scott Photography

Bid on a Blog Makeover

I have donated a premium blog makeover to the Christian's Journey Blogction. This is a $70 value with an opening bid of $25. The winner has the option to apply the $70 toward a bigger blog package and pay the difference if they want! Click here to bid.

West Virginia Brides

I just completed a new blog design for West Virginia Brides which will be opening soon. Jamie wanted robin's egg blue and daisies as part of the design.
WV Brides

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