I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Slight Changes to the Ultimate Package

I've had a few questions about my Ultimate Package which prompted me to change the package slightly. It's basically the same as it was, but I moved the custom font titles to one of the optional choices. So there are now 3 choices, instead of 2. I also added the final choice of a custom service that we agree upon. Examples of this would be an Etsy banner, additional button or graphic, or installation of a special widget.

Dandelions and A Wish

Charlene's wish was for me to give her Dandelions and A Wish blog a new look. Check out her new look!

Skis in a Pod

That's not a typo. Jordy had me redo her Skis in a Pod blog. I love her play on words! She was easy to work with and didn't ask for a lot of changes, so I threw in a business card to match for no extra charge!

Mom State of Mind

Shannon (a long time follower!) has changed her blog from Shannon Blogs Here to Mom State of Mind. With the change she wanted a new look for her blog. I just LOVE the bold colors in this design. She picked a great stock image and kit to match! She got an Ultimate package which means I did her design right away AND she got a matching Twitter page!
Mom State of Mind

The Coupon Challenge

Dana challenged me to create a new look for her coupon blog. This is what I came up with. Since she was very easy to work with I made a matching business card for no charge.

Simply Beautiful

Joana contacted me to give her blog a simple, yet beautiful look. She wanted me to use pink, black, and grey and this is what I came up with.

Saturday Work

Yesterday I completed a blog design and a twitter background.

Pam contacted me to give her family blog a new look. She takes such wonderful photos of her children, and it was fun to showcase them in the design!Susan, whose blog I did a few months ago, came back for a matching Twitter background.

Crystal & Co.

Crystal asked me to create a new look for her blog that reflected a diva surrounded by chaos. I think I was able to capture all the cleaning, laundry, and busy 5 boys in her house!She also got a matching Twitter background!

Photo Frame Love

Kris contacted me to spiffy up her Saving4aSeason blog. She had this photo of land that they own that she wanted in the header and she wanted a very outdoorsy feel to the design.After we picked out some great elements to design with she suggested that we use a variety of frame in the design. That was a GREAT idea and I had so much fun putting this one together!

Village of Moms

Valerie was the winner of the $25 gift certificate giveaway in February and she finally decided to apply the GC toward an ultimate makeover for her Village of Moms blog which she will be unveiling soon.

tHe PiNk ZeBrA

I know it looks like I haven't been working at all. I've been keeping busy with buttons and adjustments to blogs and such. I am putting the finishing touches on Jacey's Pink Zebra Bowtique blog. She makes adorable bows, pillowcase dresses, and other cute accessories for little divas. Jacey was such an easy client to work with that I threw in an Etsy banner for free!
tHe PiNk ZeBrA

It's Twins!

Meghan contacted me to give her blog a pretty new look because she's expecting twins. Once she finds out the genders, I will make necessary updates!

Winners New Blogs

Both of the February Extreme Blog Giveaway Winners have their blogs complete and installed.

Kim won the week 4 giveaway. She wanted a beachy feel for her new look.Tomi won the week 3 giveaway. I've updated her Three Boys and an Old Lady blog with the design she won.

...And Baby Makes Three

Leslie approached me to do her (private) baby blog. She has no idea if it's a boy or girl, so she picked a neutral, but adorable digital kit for the design.

Ultimate Clients

I've done a few Ultimate makeovers recently. Both opted to go to the top of the queue as part of their extra choices.

Lisa & Allie run a site called StampOutOnline. They wanted me to use a notebook stock image as their background.Tina is a brand new blogger who is starting up a new savings site called Savings Corner. I was able to incorporate her love of prim country into the design.

Sidebar Widget - Gadget Tutorial

The most common questions I get from clients have to do with adding widgets (blogger calls them gadgets) to the sidebar of their blog. I created a video tutorial of this a year and a half ago and it's had nearly 11,000 views on You Tube. I rambled on and on in that video and blogger had made several updates since then, so it's time for a newer tutorial. I thought I'd do a written tutorial with screen shots this time around. (I've wondered why people continue to view that video, but I realize it is because there are very few tutorials about the blogger sidebar basics out there!) Here you go~

How do I add a widget - gadget to my blogger sidebar?
Please note that I will use widget or gadget throughout this
tutorial, but they refer to the same thing!

First you need to go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout. The default is the page element view, but if you are not there click on Page Elements (A). Add a new widget click Add a Gadget (B).A new window will open that shows some of the available widget options. There are many useful ones here such as Followers, Search this Blog, Pictures, etc, but the most common is HTML/JavaScript (C). Don't worry you don't need knowledge of HTML or Java for this. In most cases it's a copy & paste thing.When you click on the + (or even the gadget type title) the gadget window will open up. Type in your title and then put your text or code into the box. I like images centered on my sidebar so I put the center code shown below (this is the word center in between <>) in front of codes I post (if there is no center code added already!) For this tutorial I am posting a link to a rainbow signature graphic from photobucket. When all your code is entered, click SAVE.The Page Elements window is the only one to be showing now. If you look at the top of my right sidebar you will see my new widget listed (D). Click view blog and the new widget shows (E)!Now lets say you want the widget you just added to be further down your sidebar. You can move widgets around by dragging the widget box to where you want. I want my new gadget below the button, so I dragged it below (E) and then clicked SAVE (G). You can see the new position of the rainbow graphic below (H).If you have 2 sidebars, you can drag between sidebars. Here I am moving the rainbow graphic across to the left sidebar (I) and then clicked SAVE (J). New position of the rainbow graphic is shown below (K).You can also post a widget without a title. Here I am posting an I Voted graphic. Click SAVE and view the graphic below.Finally, you can edit widget that have already been posted by clicking the Edit link (L), which will bring the widget window up which you can make changes to (then click SAVE) or even click REMOVE (on the left) to remove the widget entirely.Those are the basics and should give you enough info to post and edit widgets on your sidebar.
Happy Blogging!!

Week 4 Giveaway Winner

WOW~ There were 137 entries into the week 4 Extreme Blog Makeover Giveaway. Here is a copy of some of the entries~I printed out the entries, cut the names up into strips and then put them in a little giftbag for my daughter to pick a winner. Wanna see who won? Watch the video!!
Congratulations! I will contact the winner so we can get started on your blog design soon!

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