I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Custom Blog Designs is back!

I am resuming work today. The wait list is long so it's going to take me several weeks to get through it all. I've started out by doing several small adjustments for repeat clients, then I plan on going down the wait list in order. If I don't hear from someone right away after individual contact, I will skip ahead. You can see the wait list/design queue over on my middle sidebar to get an idea of how long the wait is. (scroll down below Followers) I am usually able to complete 4-6 makeovers a week depending on which packages are picked and how quickly emails are returned. Simple adjustments and things like blog buttons are done sooner.

In the meantime you can review the changes I've made to my services: http://cbd-services.blogspot.com/ I've removed a few makeover packages and added some others. I will be adding Wordpress and Multi-Site packages SOON! I've also updated my FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Thanks for your patience. I will try to get through the wait list and respond to emails as soon as possible. My family's schedule is pretty light over the next few weeks, so hopefully I can get a lot done.

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The Moxie Bee said...

Hi there Diana, I found you through Kingston Girl's site, which is fabulous, btw. I left you a message on your Message widget, but such is my desperate need for your srvices, that I'm leaving a message here also.

I absolutely love your work--design sense style, feel for color. One day, I hope to really learn more about web design, but my main gift is writing. :)

PLEASE PLEASE: Start doing Wordpress self-hosted blog design. I use Thesis (have 1.6 installed, and will soon upgrade to 1.7--just need to upload it.) and I've been learning as I go. I've done everything on my site through trial & error. I'm ready to get help to kick it up a notch.

I've followed you here via GFC; please visit my site and follow back.

Hope my enthusiasm is not "scaring" you, but you are just what I've been looking for.

I have a blogmama friend, Alicia Hunter, whom I will forward your links. She's looking for a great designer too. She writes e-books & is about to add some style/fashion blogs.

All best,

The Moxie Bee

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