I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

A Month of Giveaways & More

I am suspending Visitor of the Week for a while and will be doing a giveaway each week in August. Make sure you come back each week to see what will be given away. Each giveaway will begin on Tuesdays in August. I forgot to update my client list this week, but will for next week!

Pretty Blog

I just love this blog I am finishing up. The client paid the extra licensing fee to use this kit by Mindy Terasawa, but it was worth it. So pretty!

CBD Now Offers Custom Twitter Backgrounds

I have added Custom Twitter Backgrounds to my list of services here at Custom Blog Designs. If you have ordered or had a makeover done by me then the custom background is $12. If you just need the background and haven't ordered a makeover the cost is $17*. These fees include installation and custom colorization to match the background.
*The cost may be higher if graphics need to be purchased for the background.

Here are some twitter backgrounds I've done~

Jennifer Updated Again

Jennifer has been a client since January. She loves to get her blog changed each time she gets new photos taken of her family. Her blog is very simple and basically showcases the photographs (done by a friend). Here is her newest header.

Another Blog Completed

I had to take yesterday off to take my daughter to the doctor, but I was still able to get Teresha's new blog done before her baby arrives. Teresha was Visitor of the Week a few months ago and held onto her award and applied it toward her blog design.

Professional Template

Apryl wanted a new template for her Christian Clippers blog. Here it is~


This week's visitor of the week is Liz. Liz gets her choice of a blog button, scrapbook page, custom signature or a $5 coupon toward any service at CBD.

I took the weekend off to hang out with the family, but it's back to work this morning!

Recent Work

I have finished Amber's first blog. She wanted a green acres theme. Her header is animated!I've also done some button for people~

2 Blogs Done

Last week was a busy week. I worked with 9 clients and did 6 makeovers (one is still being proofed.) I didn't install 2 of the blogs until this morning.

Jeannie had me completely change the look and layout of her blog. I was able to capture both her kids in the header. I really love the contrast of the turquoise & yellow! So fun!Jeannie also ordered a matching Twitter background from me!Jamie picked a fun kit from one of the new designers I added to my list. Her kiddos are so adorable and made the design fun & cute!Jamie is this week's VOTW and she picked a button. Here is her new button.


This week's visitor of the week is Jamie, who happens to be a current client. Jamie gets her choice of a blog button, scrapbook page, custom signature or a $5 coupon toward any service at CBD.

New Choices!

Exciting news!! I spent several hours contacting digital designers today and have added over 20 new designers to my list of approved designs for blog designs. If you've wanted a new look for your blog but haven't see anything out there you like, contact me because I have a big list of possible kits. Lots of fun choices! Here is a peak of just a few~

Grand Moments Blog

I just finished Kim's new look for her Grand Moments blog. She picked out a great kit from designs by krista. She is one of my favorite digital designers out there. Her kits are great to design blogs with. Kim was such a easy client to work with that I gave her a standard makeover for a basic makeover price! Thanks Kim!

GoDaddy Blogs

Denise contacted me and asked if I could redesign GoDaddy blogs. I didn't even know that GoDaddy had blogs! I gained access to her account and got in and saw how changes were made and go to work!

First I did her mother's sewing blog.Then I did her Multiple Mayhem blog.GoDaddy is different than Blogger, but overall I was pleased with how they turned out. I have one more blog design to do for Denise.

Back to Work & VOTW!

We had a great weekend away attending my friend's wedding. You can see a pic of me with the bride & groom here. I got online a few times while we were gone, but I did NO work!! I've got a full plate this week...so I need to take action. I'll reply to emails as soon as I can.

I also need to name a new visitor of the week. This week's VOTW is Robin. Robin gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD. I am guessing that Robin will opt for the $5 credit since she has a blog makeover on order!

On Vacation

We are about to head out the door for a long 4th of July weekend away. I will not be working, but I will check my email from time to time. Have a fun and safe weekend!!


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