I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Wedding Invitation

Claire had me design this simple wedding e-vite. (I've altered the text to keep the information private.)

Red White & Blue

One of my regular customers, Robin, wants me to alter the look of her blog on a seasonal basis. Here is her patriotic look~

Kelley's Other Blog

I just finished Kelley's personal blog. She had me do her photography blog last month and wanted this blog to have a shabby look. I know that Kelley is excited to show off her new look because it includes some special news!Kelley is this week's VOTW and she used her reward for these 2 bonus frames on her sidebar~

Updated Blog

One of my favorite parts of blog design is getting to add an adoption referral pic to a header. Jenny recently got her approval for her sweet daughter in China and I added her beautiful photo to the header. Jenny's blog is private, so I blurred the photo. Being able to see people's private blog is another privilege of blog design that I enjoy!

Congratulations Jenny & Rob!!


This week's visitor of the week is Kelley BM! Kelley is a recent customer and great supporter of CBD. Kelley gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

Kiana Kuteness!

Amy contacted me to redo her daughter's blog. Kiana is just too cute!


This week's VOTW is Jen. Jen has been a faithful follower and supporter of CBD for several months. Jen gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

Update: Jen just had me do a simple signature, but I installed it on all her blogs.

CBD has been revamped!

I still have to redesign the buttons and some minor tweaking.

What do you think of the new design?


Hi All! Thanks for your understanding with me skipping VOTW last week. My back is much better and things have returned to normal.

This week's VOTW is Dee. Dee awarded me with A Lovely Blog award last week, so I'd like to say thanks by giving her my VOTW award. Dee gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.
Thanks to Teresha for giving me this award too!

Slow Going

It's summer and I am working slowly but surely on blogs. It's been nice to take time off here and there and take the kiddos places.

I just finished Mary's new blog. She wanted something shabby chic but with monkeys. This is what I came up with.I also made a new button for my buddy Robin's Cafe Press shop. Lucky me...I got to meet Robin a few weeks ago. She's the first client of mine that I have been able to meet AFTER I did her makeover.
My CafePress Store

Updated Blog

Kimberly at Mission Mommy contacted me because she wanted a new look to her recently redesigned blog. Apparently the istock image used in the header had been seen on other blogs and she wanted something different. She asked if it was just possible to change the header and the button. I was able to create a header with photos of her kids in it and it matched the colors of what she already had. I also added a favicon and numbering for her comments.


I've been contacted over the past week by clients that use IE (Internet Explorer) asking why their blog is acting up. If you check out Known Issue for Blogger, they report problems with IE. Problems that are still unresolved. I know some people have removed or moved their followers and the issues have gone away, but others are still having (sporadic) issues.

I just came across this post that shares one's opinion on IE. I actually thing that more than one person has this opinion. I sure do!

No VOTW this week!

Hi All! I was super busy over the weekend because of DH's big bday and I tweeked my back, so I've fallen behind. I am going to skip visitor of the week this week!! Thanks for your understanding!

Another Pretty Blog

Sindy is a repeat customer that just had me design her new blog. She picked Traci Reed's East Meets West Kit (and paid the extra $15 for the licensing fee for the kit) and now has this fab look on her Double Blessing blog!

Two Winners

Congratulations to Twincere (Tanya) for winning my Win This Blog Makeover for You or a Friend Giveaway. She provided me with a photo and the title she wanted and I was able to get the design adjusted and installed right away. Go over to Tanya's Multiple Blessings blog and let her know how great her blog looks.

Here is Tanya's before~And now after~Our 2nd winner is this week's Visitor of the Week. Since Tanya's winning entry for the giveaway above was her joining the CBD Fan Club at Facebook, I decided to pick a VOTW from the blog makeover giveaway who joined the CBD Fan Club also. Congratulations to Gena! Gena gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

**Update: Here is Gena's new button.**
Serene Moments

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