I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

It's Twins!!

I have been wanting to do a multiples blog for a long time and I finally got my wish. Even more importantly Yvonne & Edwin got their wish and were just referred adorable twin girls from China. I designed their blog last fall and just got to update their header with their new daughters. They are just too cute!!

Another Kelley

I just got done working with another Kelley. Kelley B Miller Photography to be specific. She had a template that needed a major coding overhaul. I was able to meet Kelley's request and here is her new look.


Time for a new Visitor of the Week. Since I have a giveaway going on and am getting new visitors and followers, I have so many to choose from. I picked Teresha as this week's VOTW! She signed up for my giveaway, is a new follower, joined the Facebook Fan Club and has left some nice comments here and at my Diana Rambles blog. Thanks so much Teresha. She gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

Wonderful Little Blog

Kelley just had me do an extreme design to her Wonderful Little People blog which included some fun animation in the header.

Trouble for IE Users

I've have a few of my clients who use Internet Explorer report that their blog won't come up and they get a message that says "operation aborted". I checked at Known Issues for Blogger and they are aware of it and are trying to get it fixed.

Another Referral by Jess

Jess gets another $5 coupon by referring her buddy, Danielle, for a blog makeover. Like Dana, Danielle requested an extreme package, but I charged her $15 less because she didn't want as many extras and she provided a header.

Win This Blog Makeover for You or a Friend Giveaway

Head on over to my personal blog, Diana Rambles, to sign up to win this makeover for you or a friend. You can see a proof of the makeover here.


It's Monday which means it's time for a new VOTW. I have picked one a new visitor to this blog. Congratulations Stitches of the Past for being the latest visitor of the week. She gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

Update: Here is Brooke's button.
Stitches of the Past

Tabs Added On

Alexis was this week's VOTW and she asked if I could apply her prize toward a custom service. I gave her a $5 credit and she had me add link tabs to the top of her recent design. She paid the difference and how she's got 5 links at the top of her header. Since she has the integrated design, it was a little tricky to get the tabs on there, but I got it worked out.

Simple Designs @ Simple Prices

I just finished blog work for 3 clients. I ended up charging each less than the quote/package because I created a simple design. I know I could have just pocketed the extra, but it wouldn't be right to charge them too much.

Suzanne asked for a standard blog makeover package which is $60, but I charged her for a basic makeover because she didn't get all the extras that go with the standard package. (Mendy referred Suzanne...so Mendy earned a $5 referral coupon for this blog makeover!)
Kim had me complete her secondary blog. Since I used the same template as her first blog and only changed the header and background, I only charged her $30.
Finally, my girl Jen treated herself to a little birthday present in the form of a new blog. I went VERY basic with this one, so I charged her 1/2 of the basic makeover package price.Do you want something a little more on the simple side for your blog? Contact me and I'll give you a quote!!

My Turn!

I was getting sick of my personal blog's look, so I chanced it today. It's a different template style than I had and certainly different colors. I want to do some tweaking, but overall I am pleased with it. The little bird runs across the bottom of the header. Click image to view the blog.


Hope you have a nice weekend! It's time for a new VOTW. I have picked one of my stalkers who has been a customer too. She leaves TONS of comments and is a follower. Congratulations Alexis AKA MOM for being the latest visitor of the week. Alexis gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD. I will contact you today!

Happy Mother's Day

I know I shouldn't be working on Mother's Day, but I haven't worked too hard. I finished 2 blog proofs yesterday and just installed them today.

The first was for Janet. She received an extreme blog makeover gift certificate from her blogger buddy, Nicole, for Mother's Day. What a wonderful friend that Nicole is! Nicole actually contacted me about a month ago so I was able to put her in my design queue so that the blog could be done for Mother's Day. Janet's design includes an animated header.

I also gave new blogger Brandy a fun look for her blog. She's getting married soon and wanted to have a blog for family and friends to keep up with the newlyweds. She picked a bright kit that was lots of fun to design with.

Coupon Earned & Redeemed

Gina just earned a $5 coupon for referring her friend Nicole to CBD. Nicole purchased an extreme makeover gift certificate and Gina got a coupon. She redeemed it immediately for a custom graphic for her blog giveaways. This is what I created for her~

Another Blog

I have been burning the midnight oil and finished another blog. This is for Kelli, who had me make the buttons a few weeks ago.

#1 Client Makeover

Since I started Custom Blog Designs, Kim B has been one of my biggest advocates. Every month she has me create her LID graphic and turns to me for her graphic needs. She's always cheering me along and talking about me on her blog. Well...that blog now has a new look from me. I've been wanting to do her blog for a while cause it was off center! LOL! Anyway, she decided that she wanted a new look for her 2nd anniversary of her LID (wait to adopt from China.) Here it is~

2 More Blogs + Extras

I just finished Michelle's new look. This the 3rd makeover in a year that Michelle has had me do.

I also created a blog to match a charity website for Linda in the UK.Audrey had me put numbering on her comments for her giveaway blog.

And Lois had me create this fun siggy for a new blog she created. (It doesn't show up very well here, but it matches her blog design.)


I almost forgot to post VOTW. Wasn't sure who to pick, so I just went with the most recent person to follow this blog. Congrats to Kathy for being this week's VOTW! You get your choice of a custom blog button, signature, digital scrapbook page, or $5 coupon to CBD.

A Few New Designs

I pimped my new dog's blog~
Alexis got a new look~Kelli signed up for a makeover but had me create these buttons now.

Blog Button

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