I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Professional Install

I am going to start out by saying I didn't do the design on this blog, but I did do the installation. It's a professional WP template on a blogger blog. I actually did 2 of these last week. The other blog is private and I forgot to screen cap it. Want a WP look to your blogger blog? Contact me and we will discuss the details.


This week's VOTW is Micki. She wins her choice of a custom blog button, signature, or digital scrapbook page.

Update: Here is Micki's button.
Irish Muses

Happy Saturday!

I feel really out of it because we took our daughter for her 2nd (and hopefully final) surgical procedure yesterday. She had a rough time with the anesthesia and we were up a lot last night. I do plan on getting back to work this afternoon.

Here is a blog that I finished on Thursday. I think I was able to capture what Kim wanted with her blog.

How to Pay if you don't have a PayPal Account

You can still pay via PayPal without having an account. You need to go to my sidebar to the PayPal pull down and pick our your service and click Add to Cart.Click Proceed to checkout. The window below will come up and click Continue next to the part that says Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Follow the directions provided. PayPal will take care of the transaction (but does not create an account) and it's secure. I will be notified of your payment but PayPal will not provide me with any of your financial information.Please note: Your payment must clear before I begin your work.

CBD Newsletter Inaugural Issue

Did get the first issue of the new Custom Blog Designs monthly newsletter? Click the image below to read it online.


This week's VOTW is LoveMy2Dogs. Tammy wins her choice of a custom blog button, signature, or digital scrapbook page.

Update: Tammy chose a blog button and here it is~

2 More Blogs

I did a HUGE amount of work this week! 4 complete blogs plus a lot of other work. Here are the other 2 I did.

Mendy, who was my very first client took advantage of the 15% off coupon she won at the CBD Birthday Bash and had her blog redone again. I think it came out quite cute!Pam also had me redo her blog.
I am chilling today since it's my bday! My list of clients that I will work on will go up tomorrow!

Price Increase Coming

I have been reluctant to do this, but I am raising the prices of my blog makeover package by $5 in 2 weeks on May 1. There are a few reasons for this.
1~ Several people know how much time I put into a makeover and that I often work for less than minimum wage. I should probably increase the fee more, but I want to make sure what I do is affordable to the average blogger.
2~ The prices of digital kits have gone up a little and I've been absorbing the cost. This small increase will help me to cover those fees. I am increasing the digital kit allowance to $7, which should cover most kits. Many blog designers have you pay extra for the kit you pick out, but I build that into my makeover package price.

If you contact me for a makeover by the end of April, I will honor the current prices even though the makeover won't be done until May. I do not require a deposit for my work. My wait list is running 3+ weeks right now.

The cost of the rest of my services is remaining the same. Most of these other services are done within a few days of payment.

Latest Designs

I've been busy! I just finished 2 blogs today for customers in different countries.

In honor of her 2nd anniversary of her LID to adopt from China, Dimari (Puerto Rico) had me give her blog a fun new look. She gave me the title & said pink she and I ran with the design.Peta lives Down Under and had me give her blog a fresh new look! She picked such a cute kit that was a lot of fun to design with.I also forgot to post a blog I did recently for Liz at Sweet Digi Scraps. She actually helped with the header. We did this as a trade of some of her digital kits for the blog design. She has some cute kits and they are available blog design.Other work this week includes a few blog buttons, adding a 2nd sidebar to a blog, widening a sidebar, and a custom signature.
MomtrendsNYCFlowerz In Her Hair

Announcing the CBD Refer-a-Friend Program

Wanna earn a $5 off coupon for services from Custom Blog Designs? Just refer a friend!!

Beginning immediately, I will offer a $5 off coupon for each friend you refer to Custom Blog Designs for a makeover. You can use this coupon for any service from Custom Blog Designs. Refer 2 friends and get 2 $5 off coupons. Refer 3 friends and get 3 coupons and so forth. There is no limit to how many friends you refer. Coupons don't expire and can be combined toward any services offered by Custom Blog Designs. Coupons will be issued to the referrer once a blog makeover has been ordered and paid for. Coupons may be given to a friend or family member! You cannot refer yourself, but I do give a discount or provide extras for free if you are getting an additional blog makeover from me.

So if you see someone post on their blog that they are looking for a good blog designer, send them my way. Have a friend or relative considering a new look? Send them to CBD! Already had your blog madeover by CBD? Earn coupons for other services or a new look down in the future. You can even post about the Refer-a-Friend program on your blog, just include something like tell CBD that Kim sent you! How easy would that be to earn coupons? When I send out a questionnaire about a blog design, I always ask where they heard about CBD!

Please contact me if you have any questions about this program OR post questions in the comment section of this post!


Good Morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We had a good time celebrating Easter with friends & family. I did work a little bit this weekend on Kim's upcoming makeover, but it's back to regular work today! Keep your eye out for 2 announcement this week!

I want to congratulate Nightowl Mama for being this week's VOTW. She left a few nice comments this week and I wanted to reward her. She gets her choice of a custom blog button, signature, or digital scrapbook page.

Just Finished!

Katie's blog is done! I was also able to get a quick button done for Pamela today. She wanted something on her blog that linked to her Ebay shop. Remember, I only charge $6 for a blog button and get them done within 24 hours of payment!

Blog Enhancement

My favorite pinball guy in the UK had a new header on his blog. He provided images for me to put into each letter for an updated look on his pinball blog.Dawn was frustrated with the layout of her blog, but liked the header she had. She contacted me and I was able to put a camo background, add a 2nd sidebar, and color the sidebars. She is very happy with it!

Gift a Makeover!

Did you know that Custom Blog Designs has gift certificates available? You can gift a makeover to a friend or relative. A makeover is a great birthday or anniversary gift, can mark a special event, or just be a gesture of friendship for someone. I've even handled a gift makeover from a secret friend. Just contact me if you'd like to purchase a gift certificate for a friend. Certificates are available for all 5 makeover packages or I can create one for any of my services or a specific dollar amount.


This week's visitor of the week is Kim B! Kim has been a faithful follower since Custom Blog Designs started. She is great about leaving comments, has a CBD button on her sidebar, is a member of the CBD Fan Club on Facebook, and is in my design queue for a fabulous new blog design.

Congrats Kim! You win a custom scrapbook page or graphic of your choice!

Robin's Other Blog

Robin had me design 2 blogs for her this week. Here is the 2nd one. Check out her GORGEOUS creations (of which I am trading my services for!)
Red Thread Stitches

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