I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

VOTW is...

OK...it's been a very L-O-N-G day and I haven't had a chance to do Visitor of the Week until now. 6 hours of my day was spent taking my daughter to and from the Dr (and 180 miles later) and then several hours cleaning. I guess it's a day off of designing. LOL!

OK...I've picked the new VOTW. This person left comments this week, is a follower of my blog, has the I Luv CBD button on their blog, AND joined the new Custom Blog Designs Fan Club at Facebook. The VOTW is Mendy!!! Congratulations Mendy! Mendy wins her choice of a custom blog signature, blog button, or a scrap page.

Jess's is done!

Just finished installing Jessica's new design~Her design was done with Zoe Pearn's Close to my Heart Charity Kit. A commercial use license was purchased from Zoe to be able to use this kit.

PS~ I will be posting VOTW a little later tomorrow. I have to take my daughter for her surgery follow-up in the morning. The VOTW will be someone in the CBD Facebook Fan Club!

Love CBD?

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5 Happy Clients!

As you can see by my design queue I have lots of clients waiting. I was able to get 5 crossed off today.

Peggy got a new button.Sarah got a button & a siggy.Cora added to her recent makeover with some buttons & a business card.Kim got a custom graphic for an online baby shower she is hosting.And Angela got a nifty looking makeover.

Recent Creations

Little Miss's Blankets and Stuff has a new look. Cora was the 2nd chance winner of the custom blog makeover giveaway for my birthday bash last month. If you are looking for some adorable handmade clothes for a little girl or a blanket, you need to check her site out!I did take personal time off for my daughter's surgery, but I also completed an overdue wedding gift for some family friends of ours. While this was a personal gift, I do offer custom digital scrapbooking for hire.

Getting Back to Work!

After taking about a week off to focus on my daughter during surgery, it's time to get back to work. I plan on responding to emails, rebuilding my design queue, and working on Angie's blog tomorrow.

VOTW will resume next Monday...which means I am keeping my eye out now for someone to pick as a winner!

Gina's New Look

Gina has been a faithful follower for a while and decided that it was time for a new look. I built upon the template she already had and came up with this fabulously fun & bright design. Do you like?


Congratulations to this week's VOTW is Rev K.T. She's been a faithful follower (on FB too!) She wins her choice of a blog button, siggy, or custom scrap page. Congrats Katie!! (BTW~ Katie & I met IRL exactly 10 years ago...this month I think. We met online at the Conceiving Community. We've reconnected on FB.) Katie is starting a web design business. I'll link her up here once she gets off the ground.

BTW~ There will be no VOTW next week as I will be in the hospital all weekend. My daughter is having surgery.

New Price Structure

Since I get a variety of request for blog packages, I have come up with a new price structure. My prices are the same, I've just added 2 options! I've also added the blog button service to the premium package...so that's actually a savings! I've also added some new options like numbering comments and putting a graphic/icon next to comments.

The makeover packages are~
Basic Blog Makeover $45
Standard Blog Makeover $55
Premium Blog Makeover $65
Extreme Blog Makeover $75
click here for details of each package and examples

VOTW time!

It's time to award another visitor of the week. I have picked One Creative Queen. She did a super job of commenting this past week. She wins a custom blog signature (which I know she's been wanting!) Thanks Katherine!!

No Power

Hey...we are without power. The power company said it should be on by noon tomorrow. I came over to my sister's house to post. This will put my work orders back a day or so. I will reply to emails when I can.

Cranking it out!

I just completed 4 blogs done in 3 days (and I am worn out!) I already posted the Healthy Wealthy Moms already and here are 2 of the others.

Kim had me make this blog for a baby shower she is hosting.And finally I gave my Diana Rambles a new look late last night. It's bright and fun for SPRING!

From So-So to WOW!

Terri contacted me and asked if I could makeover her blog in a hurry. She had it recently redone by another blog designer and was not happy with the results. She picked one of my favorite kits for me to use.
Her design when from this~To this~


Jo contacted to alter her blog design (which I did a few months ago) from 2 columns to 3. I was seamlessly able to get it done. I'm quite proud of myself that I got it correct the first try! w00t!



More Blogs

I've been busy with a lot of behind the scenes stuff lately...adding a 3rd column to a blog, creating horizontal nav links under a header, blog management, etc. Not things I can really show you. But I do have 2 new blog designs done.

Deb's blog has a new look.
And Abby of Simply Charming in SC took advantage of the discount she got at the CBD birthday party and has a cool new look.

VOTW has returned!!

I took a few weeks off visitor of the week for CBD's birthday celebration, but now it's time to resume. I would like to congratulate Natalija for being the first VOTW for March. Natalija is a sweet gal from Italy that frequently comments and participated in the birthday celebration. Natalija has won a custom blog button.

Thanks for being a super visitor Natalija!

Update~ Natalija gave me the button info and I was able to make it for her right away. Do you like?

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