I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Top Droppers for February

Thanks to everyone who dropped this month. My top droppers are listed and can grab the blinkie below!! (This is the stats from the last 30 days.) I have been a horrible dropper this month!
LifesPerfectPicturesDoin' The Working Mom Thing

Diana Rambles


I've kept busy in the past day or so with a variety of graphic orders.

Annie got a blog button for her new blogradio show.
Discovering Nature's Spirit

Meka's Candles & Scents has a new blinking button.
Meka Candles & Scents

Stefanie got a biz card to match her recent blog makeover.

Joanna ordered a custom forum signature graphic.
Anj won a blog button from the birthday party last Saturday and used her 10% off coupon for a post divider and a custom scrap page.

Scrap meets Stock

I've had several request for makeovers using illustrations lately. I've been reluctant to go with stock images, but I've relented and am incorporating them with my digital scrapbook style. I just finished this design for Jodi over at Bargain Central. I like how it turned out.

New Designs

Even though it looked like I partied all last week, I did do some work.

Heather (the gamer's wife) had me make this fun & whimsical design based on a tshirt her husband got for their wedding. (shown below)

My daughter's blog also got a new look~I also did a new blinkie & signature for Irma.

Today's Winners: Updated

First off, I am sure you are anxious to know who won the blog makeover. Here are all the entries.
Update: The winner of the makeover package had to be redrawn. Congratulations to Cora for winning the blog makeover!!

Other winners of the day include~
Puzzle Game winners- Elsina & Kristin
Chat winners- Elsina, Anj
Quiz winner- Kristin

Runners up on the blog games get a one time use 15% off coupon to Custom Blog Designs which is good through April 30, 2009. (Natalija, Tamra, Abby, Mendy, Kari, & Alexis)

All chat participants get a one time use 10% off coupon to Custom Blog Designs which is good through April 30, 2009. (Tamra, Mendy, Kristin, Natalija, Anj, shydub, Elsina, ~Jamie, Alexis, Abby, Harriet, Joanna, & Sue)

These coupons may not be combined. Just contact me to remind me of your discount and I'll apply it before purchase.

Thanks to everyone for participating this week. It was a great time and I really appreciate the comments and support. I was telling the chat participants that I was excited to make it this far with Custom Blog Designs. I always seem to come up with different business ideas. Some of them I actually act on, but then they (I) fizzle out after a while. CBD is going strong and will keep on trucking! Thanks to all of you!!

Happy Birthday~ Enjoy some cake!

Thanks for making the birthday celebration a success!!
Everyone who participated in the party gets an extra entry into the blog makeover giveaway AND gets a one time use 10% off discount for any CBD services, good through April 30, 2009.

Blog Quiz Game

Here's the final game, which is a quick search quiz. When you've answered all the questions, email me your answers. The first person to get all the answers right will get their choice of 6 headers that I have created, which I will be customized for them. These headers are samples that I put together and do not appear on any other blogs. Each choice holds one photo and will be customized with your text. If none of these choices suits your blog, then you may gift the header to a friend or family member.

1. How much do I charge for an 8" x 10" custom digital scrapbook page?

2. What digital kit did I use for the Latin Asian Fusion makeover?

3. How many testimonials do I have posted?

4. What is the title on the blog I finished on 10/9/08?

5. What charity do I support?

6. What grammatical mistake did I make on a post this during the celebration this week?

7. Whose digital kit did I use for the Life's Perfect Pictures makeover?

8. How many awards do I have displayed?

9. How many Entrecard drops did The Sewing Mom have on me for January 2009? (hint: She was a top dropper!)

10. What is step 4 in the order process for a blog makeover?

Good Luck and thanks for participating in all the fun CBD bday activities this week!

It's Time for a Party Chat

The chat window has been moved to my sidebar.

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

Makeover Puzzle Quiz

OK...it's time for our first game. What you need to do is identify the 20 blog makeovers I've done in the puzzle below. Each puzzle piece is numbered. Utilize the list of blogs I've madeover in my sidebar for your search. When you've figured it all out, email me your answers. The first 2 people to get all the answers will win a custom digital brag book size scrapbook, which will be created by none other than one of my business associates, TragedyScrapinAnnie of Keepsake Creators. Tragedy is awesome scrapper and she works quickly! Winners will be provided with some previews of digital kits to pick from and will then provide digital photos for Tragedy to scrap with. Brag book size is standard 4x6 and can be printed at home or any photo processing place. I will provide more details to each winner.

click on image to open enlarged view

Birthday Party Schedule

Make sure you join us for Custom Blog Design's Virtual Birthday Party this Saturday, 10am-noon, Central Standard Time. All participants get an extra entry into the blog giveaway, which will be drawn at 5pm CST. The party will include games, prizes, discount coupons, and FUN! Fat-free, calorie-free cake for ALL!

Here is the party schedule.

10am- Makeover game posted- 2 winners, each get a custom digital brag book (using winner's photos)

10:30am-noon Chat window will be posted here on the blog, chat will feature Q&A with Diana and some fun games with prizes

11:15am- Blog quiz game posted- 1 winner gets choice of 4 headers that I have created that will be customized for them

Blogging Tips Day 6- Your Tips

OK, I've decided to turn the table and have YOU give a blogging tip. Is there a simple trick you know? Do you have advice about getting readers to your blog? Do you have posting advice. Please use the comment section to add anything you think that might be helpful to others.

Don't forget the birthday party is tomorrow...see post below.
Entry for the giveaway ends at 5pm CST tomorrow. Get your entries in. (Birthday party participants get an extra entry!)

CBD Birthday Bash

A year ago my adoptive mommy friend, Mendy, emailed me and asked if I could redesign her blog. Since I had done lots of digital scrapbooking and had a little bit of knowledge of web design...I thought why not!? About a week later Mendy's blog had a new look and Custom Blog Designs was born. I know it's a boring name...but at the time I couldn't think of anything creative. Over the year, I have redesigned over 60 blogs and provided other graphic services to many wonderful clients. I've also donated $299 of my profits to Starfish Foster Home for special need orphans in China.

At CBD I offer CUSTOM blog makeovers, headers/banners, blog buttons, blog signatures, graphics, digital scrapbooking, and blog management services. I pride myself in my customer service. (Check out my testimonials page to see what clients are saying!) My unique digital scrapbook design has become quite popular and has resulted in a waiting list for my services. If you take a look around you will see that my prices are quite reasonable compared to other blog designers and my designs are beyond comparison. I have kept my prices down in response to the economy. Fabulous designs at a great value!!

To celebrate CBD's birthday, I have a week of FUN planned. That includes a makeover giveaway, blogging tips, and a game with prizes on February 21, which is the actual birthday. Come back throughout the week and celebrate!!!

Do you want to win a Custom Blog Makeover from ME? I will be giving away a Basic Blog Makeover (or $45 worth of my services) for one lucky reader with a blogger hosted blog. You have until Sat, Feb 21 at 5pm CST to enter. I will hold a drawing (that I will video tape & post) later that evening to announce the winner. Not only will the winner get a FABULOUS new look for their blog, they will jump to the top of my design queue so they don't have to wait for the makeover. And entry to win is EASY!!

To enter this giveaway~
  • you must have one of the 3 CBD linked buttons I have on my right sidebar on your blog. The copy & paste code is provided below each button. Please leave a comment for this post saying that you've posted the button with a link to your blog. This step is required!
  • You can earn 1 extra entry for being a follower of this blog. Make sure you leave a comment saying so.
  • You can earn 2 extra entries by creating a new blog post on your blog (that you want made over) about Custom Blog Designs. The post should say why you love Custom Blog Designs and include a link to this blog. Make sure you leave 2 comments saying you did this with a link to your post.
So that is a possibility of 4 entries. I will be verifying all entries and removing any that don't follow the rules. The winner will be announced on Saturday night (Feb 21) and has 48 hours to contact me. If you don't have a blogger hosted blog and want to enter, please contact me first. **MAKE sure you leave a separate comment for each entry. This is how I keep track of your entries!!**

Don't forget to visit CBD throughout the week and come back for games with prizes next Saturday!!

Blogging Tips Day 5- Quick Edit Sidebar Gadgets

You can do quick edits on your sidebar by clicking on the little tools icon next to that gadget/widget. Only you are able to see them when logged into your blogger account.When you click on the tools, the window for that gadget/widget opens and allows you to edit or remove. If you want to change the order (move) your gadgets around, just click that customize button up on the nav bar and it takes you to the edit layout page. Several months back I made a (boring) video called How to Add & Edit Your Blog Sidebar on Blogger that I put on You Tube. It's long and I kind of ramble at times...but you can check it out here. (I know...I am a dork!)

~Saturday's party schedule will be posted later today.

Blogging Tips Day 4- Quick Edit Posts

Have you ever seen a little pencil at the end of a post on some blogs? Wondered what it is for? It's the post quick editing tool. Just click on it and the post comes up to edit. You must be logged into your own account for to use it. Don't worry...others can't click it and edit your posts.

If you don't have the pencil showing but want it...here is what you do. Click on layout.1- Click edit on the Blog Posts box

2- Configure blog posts window comes up and make sure Show Quick Editing is checked, and then click SAVE.

OK...WHY would you want the quick editing to show? Are you a person that has to go back and fix a mistake or change a post? This is much quicker than going to the posting tab at dashboard, and then clicking edit posts, then looking through the list to find the post you want. Save yourself some time!!

OK~ I spend some time this morning putting together a puzzle as one of the games for Saturday's birthday party. It's going to be lots of fun...so make sure you come back Saturday morning at 10am CST. I also plan on verifying giveaway entries today!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

To celebrate Custom Blog Design's first birthday...I bought myself a gift yesterday. You can see my old laptop in the background of the 2nd pic. I know that it's perspective, but the new one is a lot bigger!! I spent several hours yesterday removing all the junk that HP had installed on it. All the trial stuff and programs I just don't need. Then DH added PSE and other stuff I like and he played with it a little bit. I didn't fiddle around with it until this afternoon. I was able to bring over all my bookmarks easily, so it's a smooth transition. The WIDE screen is nice!! I am glad I didn't have any clients scheduled today, which has given me the chance to break this in. Tomorrow I get to test out PSE, which was S-L-O-W on my old laptop. Once I have the old laptop cleared and wiped, I am putting it on Craig's List. My birthday isn't for 2 months...but CBD's bday was reason enough to get it! w00t!

Blogging Tips Day 3- Blogger Nav Bar

OK...some people think that that blogger nav bar that automatically appears at the top of a blogger blog is annoying, but I love it!! The nav bar can be removed, but I've never done it. Here's how I utilize the nav bar.

1- Click on the B and you will be taken to your dashboard
2- Search for content on a blog. This is fav part. Let's say you remember a chicken soup recipe on a certain blog but you don't want to go scrolling through all the post to find it. Type chicken soup and click search blog. All posts on that blog that contain the words chicken soup will appear. So just type your keyword(s) in that box and then click on search blog (3) .
X- Flag Blog...don't accidently click this one. I've never flagged a blog and I would only do so if I read through what blogger deems should be flagged first.
4- Click to create a new post
5- Clicking customize brings you to layout at dasboard
6- Sign In/Sign Out

OK...I need to follow up on yesterday's tip. I had a few email inquiries about this one.

When you export your blog, it is saved in Blogger Atom export format. You can do this to move your blog to another blogging service or simply to store your blog on your own hard drive

Someone pointed out that several months back I gave different directions for backing up a blog. With that you just right click (or ctrl-S) to Save Page As. Depending on which browser you are using this should save an html format of your blog and might save the graphics off the blog. This is great for capturing your template, it only shows the posts on that page. So you could go through you archives and save a little at a time.

I am not trying to confuse people here. The tips I gave on Monday & Tuesday are the most straightforward and are ones recommended by blogger.

If you haven't done so yet, please sign up for the blog makeover giveaway (scroll down.) Also see the invite over to the right. We are going to party on Saturday!!!

No VOTW & Something's Fishy!

With my birthday bash with a giveaway & prizes going on, I am suspending Visitor of the Week for today and next Monday. It will resume March 2.

I just finished an adorable but fishy blog design for Priscilla. Do you love the swimming fish?

Blogging Tips Day 2- Backing Up Posts

This is the first of six blogging tips that I will be posting to celebrate Custom Blog Designs first birthday. Yesterday I posted how to backup your template, today we are looking at posts.

1- Click on Settings
2- Click Export blog

This will back up all posts you have, not just today's posts. Obviously you'd want to back them up from time to time to make sure you get current posts.

OK...how easy was that? You can also import blog posts (which you might want to do if you start a new blog and want to move posts over.) The Blogger Buzz has a more in depth post about exporting/importing posts. Check it out here.

Blogging Tips Day 1- Backing Up Your Template

This is the first of six blogging tips that I will be posting to celebrate Custom Blog Designs first birthday. I've already figured out what I am posting for 5 of the days, and might come up something for the last day based on any questions that arise.

I've had a few people ask me what they can do to make sure they don't lose their awesome blog design. It's a great idea to back up your blog template. Here are the steps.
1- At blogger dashboard click on Layout.
2- Then click on Edit HTML
X- Make sure you don't Pick New Template. If you do, and then actually pick a new template the design that you have will disappear!

Then the following page will come up.
1- Click on Download Full Template and download the template. It will be named something like template-282235459.xml. You can rename it, but don't alter the extension. I like to rename mine something like CDBtemplate-21509.xml
X- Don't mess with the code at all!

Tomorrow I will tell you how to back up your posts!

CBD Info

I've been busy all day preparing for CBD's birthday bash starting tomorrow. You might have seen a few changes in the site. You now have the option of purchasing more than one service at a time with PayPal Cart. I've also updated my blog buttons (and replaced the old links so the new buttons automatically appear on blogs and other places they were posted) and the auxiliary pages.

I wanted to point out the tabs at the top of my blog. They link to information about makeovers, testimonials, FAQ, etc. If you haven't noticed them before...check out all the info!!!

More Blogs!

I got a few more blogs done this week!! Dots seem to be in fashion! I actually created the dotty backgrounds of the first 2 to match.So for my big news....tomorrow kicks off a week long celebration of Custom Blog Designs first birthday! There will be a big giveaway, blogging tips, and a game on the 21st with prizes! Come back tomorrow!!!

Oh No...I forgot VOTW!

Sorry....lost my head there. I forgot to announce last week's Visitor of the Week. The visitor of the week was Lenox Knits. I picked Lenox Knits because she is a faithful EntreCard dropper and she left a nice comment last week. Congrats and I'll be contacting you about your prize.

EVERYONE...I have a FUN announcement coming later in the week....

What I've been up to!

Here are blogs I've completed in the last week~http://adorableexpressions.blogspot.com/And here are buttons & graphics I've done~
Dear Diary

Blog Button

Custom Blog Designs