I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

January Top Droppers

I want to say thanks to everyone who visits via EntreCard and recognize my top droppers for January. I will put your button on my sidebar. Top droppers can grab the blinkie below!!


Custom Blog Designs

Sidebars & Monkeys

My work this week has included adjusting a blog and making another over.

Audrey contacted me to have her blog changed from 2 to 3 columns and to change the background of these columns. She wanted me to incorporate the header she already had and keep the widths of the existing columns. I came up with this, which compliments her store.

I also finished Jennifer's blog. She wanted a simple design with some monkey accents.
I have a few As on tap~ Andreah, Amy, & Abby!


As you can see, my design queue is getting longer and longer! That's great, but then clients have to wait a little longer to get a fabulous new look to their blog. LOL! Unfortunately much of my time is spent answering emails. I am thinking about implementing an email schedule where I will just reply to emails at certain times of the day. So if you've emailed me and didn't hear back right away, please be patient!

I hope to have some of my recent work posted SOON!

Visitor of the Week

It's time to announce VOTW. This week's winner is Abby at Simply Charming in SC. Abby with her choice of custom blog button, signature, graphic, or digital scrapbook page. She also gets a 15% off coupon for CBD that she can use on any services and the nifty award below. Plus her blog button is added to my VOTW roll. Stop by Abby's blog and congratulate her!! Also, check out her Esty site of gorgeous jewelry. She just added a bunch of new designs.

Keep visiting...my eye it out for next week's winner!!

Happy New Year!!

Chinese New Year that is. January 26 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. To celebrate I gave my daughter's blog a darling new look.

All About Blog Buttons

What is a blog button?
I've had a few people interested in blog buttons, but they are not sure what they are for our how to use them. A blog button is a small graphic (often square and usually between 125 and 175 pixels) that represents your blog. They can be designed however you want, but they are most recognizable if they match your blog or title. A blog button is a necessity for networking & advertising. They serve as an ad for your blog. Having a blog button displayed with the copy & paste code is integral for getting your blog recognized.  You can see my copy & paste (widget/gadget) code over at the bottom of this page. All these buttons are linked to the blog it represents.

How do I use the copy & paste code shown with a button?
Go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout. Click on add a gadget, and scroll down and pick html/javascript. Then in another window, go back and put your cursor on the copy & paste code below a button, make sure you select the entire code in the box, copy it, and then go over and paste that code into the html/javascript window that opened and click save. You will now see that button on the sidebar of your blog.

What if the person doesn't have a cut & paste code, but you still want to display their button?
You will still need one of those html/javascript gadget open from your dashboard. Type the following code into that window
Then in another window go to the button you want to display, put your cursor on it, right click and pull down to copy image location. Then go back to that code you already have, put your cursor between the 2 "" and right click and pull down to paste. Before you hit save go and copy the URL (web address) of the blog that button came from, click on the little icon of the world with the link on it, and when the window opens paste the URL, click OK, then save and the linked button will appear on your sidebar.

How much does it cost for you to make a custom blog button for me?

I can do a basic blog button with the widget code for $6 + the cost of any design elements. An animated (blinking) button with widget code is $10. I usually complete these within 24 hours of payment. You can pay via PayPal. Email me at freestylemama@dianarambles.com if you want to order a blog button.

Finally...an update!

You must think I am slacking, but I have been very busy designing. I've had lots of behind the scene stuff going on...making adjustments to blogs, graphics, answering TONS of email. BUT I do have some designs to show you.

Annie has a new blog design & button. She wanted to keep it simple and her Celtic design looks good.

Kristin has a new banner for her etsy store & a blog button. I tried a new effect with the text and it came out well!
I am finishing up Jenny's blog. Here is a shot of her proof. Jenny's been one of my recent clients that is not in a huge hurry, which allows me to procrastinate!! LOL!
This weekend will see work on Jennifer's makeover, plus I am giving my daughter's blog a NEW look for the (Chinese) New Year!!

Visitor of the Week: Jess @NBP

It's time to announce the first VOTW. There were 2 followers that stood out this week as they posted about VOTW on their blogs and left nice comments, but ultimately I picked Jess @ NBP because I saw her leave comments on my Sunday Spotlight and at a recent blog design. I appreciate the LUV and am rewarding Jess with her choice of custom blog button, signature, graphic, or digital scrapbook page. Plus Jess's blog will be listed in my VOTW roll. Congrats Jess and keep the LUV coming! Stop by one of Jess's blogs and congratulate her!! Thanks so much Jess!!

I'll be keeping an eye out this week for the next VOTW...so keep the LUV flowing!

Sunday Spotlight at 3 Kids and Us

Today I am featured in the Sunday Spotlight at 3 Kids and Us. Check it out here.
Thanks for featuring me, Cat!

CBD goes Int'l!

Yesterday I got an email from a Nick in the UK. He is a pinballer and wanted a header added to his blog. I was able to use his images to create a header which gave his blog a whole new look. Since I work online, CBD can work with clients worldwide!

Pretty Music

I just finished Faye's blog called To Sing and Dance. I think I captured the musical talent in the family well!

New Feature: Visitor of the Week

I am starting a new feature here at Custom Blog Designs called Visitor of the Week. Each week I will pick one visitor to win a little custom something from me. It might be a custom blog button, signature, graphic, digital scrapbook page, avatar, or similar. Does that sound like something you want to win? Become a follower of this blog, leave comments, EC drop, EC advertise, or whatever it takes to get noticed. Just show me the LUV and you might win. The week will run Mon-Sun and I'll notify and announce the winner on Monday mornings.

Feel free to grab and post my button below!
Custom Blog Designs

Tuesday's Work

Today I put the finishing touches on Robin's blog. She wanted a graphic to announce her exciting news regarding her adoption as well as a different background for her blog. I added cute heart accents to her signature and sidebar too. Lori's blog has been completed!


I just finished my 50th client blog. I know I've done way more than 50 considering how often I change my own blogs and I have a few clients that like a new look every season, but I am thrilled to reach the 50 mark. Pat is sporting this pretty pink new look~

New Look

Do you like the new look? It took longer to install than I thought. I know I have a little more tweaking to do, but I will go about that slowly!

I don't know why that read more... is there and I'd like to adjust the size & width of the text. PLUS I need to make new buttons, and get the linked biz blogs updated with the new look...

Do you like my blog? Please nominate me!

Have you heard of the Bloggies? They are awards that go to the best weblogs each year. I'd LOVE to win one, but I need YOUR HELP! If you'd so be inclined, please visit the official Bloggies site and submit your nomination. It's quick and easy. You just need to enter the name and URL, fill out the spam filter, and then enter your email (they promise it won't be shared or used for anything besides verification and necessary notifications)
You must enter a minimum of 3 blogs, and I am asking you nominate me for 2. Please scroll across to Best Art, Craft, or Design Weblog and fill in Custom Blog Designs (nominee) and http://customblogdesigns.blogspot.com for the URL. Then scroll across to the 3rd to last category, which is Best New Blog and add fill in Diana Rambles (nominee) and http://dianarambles.com for the URL. Since you have to fill in a minimum of 3 blogs, I recommend that you nominate Confessions of a CF Husband http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/ for the last category, which is Blog of the Year. I may not be deserving of a nod, but CF Husband certainly is!! You will be sent an immediate email asking you to verify your entry. Please hurry as nominations close on Monday at 10pm EST. Thanks!
I am also looking for people who are willing to send in testimonials of my work to a site that I advertise on. Please contact me or leave a comment in this post if you want to help!

Speaking of awards, I've neglected to post the awards I've won lately.

Joanna of Now with Baby and NotJustaMom at The Life of a Mom and Jessica at Piece of Me recently awarded me the Lemonade award.

Thanks so much girls!!

PS~ This blog should have an all new look later today. I will be taking it down to put the new look up!

Busy Bee

I had a busy week of designing. On Wednesday, I did work for 5 clients! Nicole got all the sidebars updated and adjusted on her blog, DeeDee got the photo in her header updated, Irma got a new header (and I adjusted the width of the blog), Karyn got her referral pics added to her header (which is a service I provide free to my clients that are awaiting referral), and I got started on Pat's new look on her blog. In addition, Lori ordered a makeover! My design queue is getting longer, BUT I can fit YOU in! (Things like blog buttons, graphics, and updates are done quickly. The wait for a makeover is about 7-10 days, but I have flexible clients and if you need something done sooner...I'd bump you near the front of the line!!!)

Today I created new blog buttons, put the finishing touches on Pat's proof, and started working on a new design for this blog!! And the day is not done...
Now with Baby

Another Blog Button

Jessica contacted me last night and requested a blog button for her blog. I was able to create a button that matched the design of her blog. I charge $6 for this service (which includes the widget code for cut & paste as shown below) You too can order this service! I'll have it done within 24 hours of payment. Payment options for blog buttons have been added to my PayPal code to the right.
Piece of Me


Jo won the New Look for the New Year giveaway and here is her pretty purple design! Stop by her blog and give Jo some luv!

Blog Button

Custom Blog Designs