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Long Overdue Update

Hi All!! I've been horrible about posting lately. I've been busy with the holidays and such and I just haven't gotten around to posting. I've slowed down my work pace a little so that I can keep up with the family and holiday preparations.

First off I've created 5 custom holiday photo cards so far and have 2 more on order. I have blurred them out for privacy. There is still time to order a your own design. I took advantage of the free 50 card offer from See Here and I was pleased how they turned out. That offer has expired, but you can still get 40% off from Wink Flash.I've also redesigned several blogs. I did my personal blog to match our family Christmas card.I also gave Robin's Red Thread Stitches a new look for the holidays.Jennifer contacted me for a very clean but professional look for her new GFCF blog.Megan's Paisley Monkey site has a fun new look!I've also been doing lots of blog maintenance and adjustments. I have a handful of clients that have me do things like add buttons, ads, make graphics, keep sidebars organized, etc. I keep track of what I do and invoice them once a month.
I also made a big charity donation to a local food bank in town. I know in the past that I have donated toward Starfish Home in China, but this was a matching funds donation so I felt that the $500 I gave would go very far. A local financial group was matching 50 cents to the dollar of every donation through the end of November, so my $500 really brought in $750 to the food bank. I have been blessed with so many wonderful clients and opportunities this year and I wanted to give back! Thank you for choosing Custom Blog Designs!!

2 compliments:

Becca said...

Your work really is amazing...and it's nice that you donate to charity :)

Shane & Irma said...

Nice X-mas card and headers for the blogs.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Thank you for donating also. I would help allot of people for sure.

Have a great rest of the week.

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