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Professional Install

I am going to start out by saying I didn't do the design on this blog, but I did do the installation. It's a professional WP template on a blogger blog. I actually did 2 of these last week. The other blog is private and I forgot to screen cap it. Want a WP look to your blogger blog? Contact me and we will discuss the details.

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One Creative Queen said...

Dear Diana,

Please. Stop. Giving. Me. Options. Either that, or hurry up and get my blog done...'cuz GIRL, you're making this a lot harder on BOTH of us! Now I have yet another option - and no brain to make decisions.


(But I love it!)

Micki said...

It is such an interesting design...I love it and the colours are great!Thanks again for the button and looking forward to what you think up for the Irish theme.

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