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What I've been up to!

Here are blogs I've completed in the last week~http://adorableexpressions.blogspot.com/And here are buttons & graphics I've done~
Dear Diary

9 compliments:

*Just Jen* said...

Love them all! ESPECIALLY my pretty new button! Thanks again!

Abby said...

You've been a busy lady!! I particularly love the ducky blog and the queen button!! You do fantastic work!!!

Lin said...

I just wanted to thank you again for my blog re-do! It's like getting a new hairdo......or a manicure with bright red polish......or new shoes or.......Well, you get the idea! I just LOVE it! Thank You!!! And you were very patient with me trying to make up my mind. :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are amazing..
I don't know why anyone would go to anyone else but you..
love ya..

mom24boys said...

Love your work! Can you please describe the difference between a basic blog makeover and a premium blog makeover?

One Creative Queen said...

There is no way I could choose a favorite blog look you've created lately...they are ALL great! I am partial, however, to The Queen button. I have no idea why. ;)

One Creative Queen said...

BTW...in case I didn't mention it, THANK YOU a gazillion times over. :)

You can see your fab work in action: http://momfuse.com/. Aaallll the way down at the bottom. lol Just like my life. ;)

Thanks again - you rock!

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