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All About Blog Buttons

What is a blog button?
I've had a few people interested in blog buttons, but they are not sure what they are for our how to use them. A blog button is a small graphic (often square and usually between 125 and 175 pixels) that represents your blog. They can be designed however you want, but they are most recognizable if they match your blog or title. A blog button is a necessity for networking & advertising. They serve as an ad for your blog. Having a blog button displayed with the copy & paste code is integral for getting your blog recognized.  You can see my copy & paste (widget/gadget) code over at the bottom of this page. All these buttons are linked to the blog it represents.

How do I use the copy & paste code shown with a button?
Go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout. Click on add a gadget, and scroll down and pick html/javascript. Then in another window, go back and put your cursor on the copy & paste code below a button, make sure you select the entire code in the box, copy it, and then go over and paste that code into the html/javascript window that opened and click save. You will now see that button on the sidebar of your blog.

What if the person doesn't have a cut & paste code, but you still want to display their button?
You will still need one of those html/javascript gadget open from your dashboard. Type the following code into that window
Then in another window go to the button you want to display, put your cursor on it, right click and pull down to copy image location. Then go back to that code you already have, put your cursor between the 2 "" and right click and pull down to paste. Before you hit save go and copy the URL (web address) of the blog that button came from, click on the little icon of the world with the link on it, and when the window opens paste the URL, click OK, then save and the linked button will appear on your sidebar.

How much does it cost for you to make a custom blog button for me?

I can do a basic blog button with the widget code for $6 + the cost of any design elements. An animated (blinking) button with widget code is $10. I usually complete these within 24 hours of payment. You can pay via PayPal. Email me at freestylemama@dianarambles.com if you want to order a blog button.

5 compliments:

Joanna said...

I love you blog buttons! And my redesign fund is growing!

One Creative Queen said...

I am so embarrassed - being the Queen, having no button. I've followed tutorials, looked at the coding people have on their sites and tried sticking it in my html page at the same place...everything I can think of. And nothing. Then again, the tag cloud I did was a total disaster! We won't go there...

You really do great work. It's exciting to look around your blog and see everything you have.

I'm putting a button back on my priority list - I do a monthly giveaway I've named "Woot Loot" - and I have no button. I know, I know. It's terrible!

Then again, that is why I'm going to hire you, oh Blog Goddess Extraodinaire!


Custom Buttons said...

Diana, nice article on the blog buttons. When I first came across your site I thought you were making campaign buttons or promotional buttons.
Nice information. We might be able to use your services in near future when we get our own blog up and running.

Sara Blevins said...

Hi Diana, I saw this post about needing a blog designer. You might be the one she is loking for. http://www.piggyinpolkadots.com/

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Hi Sara~ Thanks for thinking of me but I no longer to comp designs, outside of my giveaways. Comp designs are often more trouble than they are worth. Sorry!

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