I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

Top EC Droppers

I want to thank all the EntreCard users that visit my blog. A special thanks goes out to my top droppers (shown below.) The top droppers for December get extra advertising on my left sidebar this month.

Here is an award you can post on your blog if you want!



Did You Know?

That I do more than just blog makeovers? Lately I've been doing little projects like blog buttons, changing backgrounds, centering & organizing sidebars, adding new widgets, custom graphics, adding digital snow, digital scrapbook layouts and more. And my prices are VERY reasonable!!! Just take a look.

Here is Amanda's new button (that she got from my giveaway). She is a new blogger and wanted something simple.

Andreah is having a birthday bash giveaway in January and commissioned me to make this button for her. I also updated the blog code to include numbering on her comments. Both of these were $10. (notice the scalloped edges?)

Toni of It Is Nap Time (which I redesigned in November) needed a blog button for her new weekly meme. I was able to whip this button together using the same kit as the blog design. She paid $6 for this service.

Today I made a custom blog award for a friend. I'd charge $10 for this (which would include the grab me widget code), but I made this just to make fun of him!! (Although I am sure he is proudly displaying it!

I charge $5 for a basic button, $6 for the button with the posting widget, or $10 for an animated (moving/blinking) button. Most designers start at $10 for a blog button.

My friend Robin needed the Christmas background, accents, and signature updated now that Christmas is over. I only charged her $10 for this since this was the 2nd time I'd done it. It might be more like $12-15 for a new client. Robin even had a makeover done a while back by another designer, but I was still happy to change just the particulars she wanted.

I have 2 bloggers that have me on retainer. They each paid me $30. I am cleaning up/centering all the graphics/links on their sidebars and they will continue to send me stuff to add/update. It's hard to quote exactly how much work that is, but I am a fair person and tend to sell myself a little short, so they will get plenty of work out of me.

Another blogger paid me $10 to redo several blog posts and then I created a tutorial for her with specifics on posting photos and slide shows.

And of course I do custom digital scrapbooking. My services and fees our outlined here. My best client is Kim. I've been trying to teach her how to scrap via IM and she's been frustrated with it, so she just orders from me. Here is some of the things I've made~

So do have something you need other than a blog makeover? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you need.

Congrats Winners!

The New Look for the New Year Giveaway has ended and Harriet and I drew the winners.

Congrats to
Jo~ our 1st place winner. Jo wins a basic blog makeover + a blog button.
Amanda~ our 2nd place winner. Amanda wins a blog button.

Thanks to everyone for entering! Another giveaway is scheduled for February!

The Road Ahead

I just completed a new look for Laura's blog. I designed it a little differently than others I have done and I think it turned out well. Right now I am wrestling with my Diana Rambles blog. Since Christmas is over this blog will be getting a new look soon...not sure what. The blog makeover giveaway ends tomorrow, so I will be busy designing this next week!!!!!!

Another Award

rkdsign88 of rkdsign88 cute & fun arts awarded me with the Lovely Blog Award. I think her designs are quite lovely, but I am to pass the award onto 7 other bloggers.

*Lorenne at Pet Peeves and Other Ramblings
*Cora at Little Miss Whats Her Name
*Laura at A Joyful Family
*Michelle at Day by Day (music)
*Amy at My Family Treasures
*Shawn at Autumn Fragrance (private)
*Mendy at Hairbows & Fishin' Poles

Want to Win a Makeover???

I Am Harriet is hosting a New Look for the New Year giveaway. You can win a blog makeover giveaway by me. One lucky winner will win a basic blog makeover + a blog button to match. This is a $50 value. This is only valid for blogger blogs and cannot be used on a commercial blog (review & giveaway blogs are OK!) Enter the giveaway and maybe you will be sporting a new look! A second winner will get a custom blog button. End Dec 28.

DON'T FORGET: My Coco Bonbons Penguin Outfit giveaway that is hosted at my Diana's Daily Ramblings ends tomorrow at midnight!! You still have time to enter. Winner will be announced on Monday morning!!

I've Lowered My Prices

In response to the economy and to remain competitive, I have lowered the price of my blog makeover and digital scrapbooking services. Both my basic blog makeover and premium blog makeover services were lowered by $10. Most digital scrapbooking services were lowered by $2. Please click on the Services & Prices tab above for more details.

Don't forget I can make blog buttons, adjustments to blogs, custom graphics and more!

PS~ Keep your eye out for news of a giveaway very soon!

Wanna Barter?

I've done several blogs or graphics in exchange for other things. Do you need some graphics done and have something you'd like to barter for? In particular I'd like things for my 3 yr old daughter~ clippies, clothing, toys, etc.

A Few New Looks!

I just got done redesigning Deborah's My Favorite Things blog. I also gave my Diana's Daily Ramblings a festive holiday look.And you can see that this blog got a holiday update too!

Holiday Cards

Do you need a custom holiday card? Feel free to contact me for a quote. Here are a few I've created! I can do baby/adoption annoucements, birthday invitations, or about anything you might want!

Free Shipping at Cafe Press

Cafe Press has free shipping today! Need a custom shirt or gift? I can create a quick design for you TODAY and then you could use coupon code FEMHOL14 at check out at Cafe Press for free shipping. Email me right away if you want to take advantage of this offer! I just created an awesome tuba design for my son and put it on a baseball style shirt. He is going to LOVE it!

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