I am not taking any new clients at this time. Repeat clients may contact me for updates. Please note that updates are not free!!

If you are looking for a new design, I suggest you check out Etsy. There are 100s of affordable customized designs. Most offer installation for a nominal charge.

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Toni at It's Nap Time for winning the custom blog header contest via The Mom Buzz. Erin (Mom Buzz) used random.org to pick a random post number and #11 won. Here is #11 by Toni (when referring to the favorite design I did)~

"My favorite is Dirt Bikes and Dragon Kites. I have a son so it touched home. I also like how there is a picture of the boys in it. Farm Family is also great! I love how the tractor moves."

I want to thank everyone who visited my blogs and entered the contest. Thank you for featuring me and hosting the giveaway, Erin!

Completed Work

I've completed a blog and some custom digital scrapbooking this week. I did the following for Renee. Parts are left of and the picture is blurred because her blog is private.I also did two 8x10 scrapbook pages for Irma and a 10x13 page for Kim. Both plan on printing and framing their pages.

Another Award

Felicia at Go Graham Go and Erin at The Mom Buzz both awarded me the I Love You Blog award this week. Thank you girls! I am honored to receive such an award!!

Now I have to pass on the award to 7 of my favorite blogs~ (4 are private, so not linked!)
Cake Wrecks
Journey to Isabella
Little Miss What's Her Name
Autumn Fragrance
My Family Treasures

I've been tagged...again!

So I just got tagged by Erin over at The Mom Buzz. I am going to cheat and post my tagged from earlier this week on another blog of mine.

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. A the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

OK...here are my weird (and probably not so random) facts~

1. I could swim before I was 2 yrs old...and it had nothing to do with my web-toes!
2. I like beets, although I only eat them at salad bars.
3. In 1988 I tried out for The Dating Game.
4. I never tuck in my shirt.
5. I will check books out from the library, but I usually don't read them (and then turn them in late!)
6. I'm very gregarious, but I get very nervous when I have to make a speech in front of a group. (Not when I teach at all, but definitely when I speak in front of other adults!)
7. I'm fickle! (like you didn't know that!)
8. I like to find a bargain when I shop!

Now I am tagging~
Kim (Journey to Isabella)
Cora (Little Miss What's Her Name)
Harriet (I Am Harriet)
Colleen (Crazy Eight)
Lisa (Tremont Scotts)
Erin (My Brute Squad)
Lynn (Sewing Mom)
Eric (Las Go Around)

2 New Siggies

I did 2 blog siggies this week and am busy working on 2 blogs right now.

I've Been Buzzed

TheMomBuzzToday I am the featured blogger over at the Mom Buzz. Check it out! I am giving away a free blog header!

Interview You!

Wendy of Adoption & Fire did a recent post on her blog asking to interview people. I am going to post her question and my answer below, but I am also going to invite you to be interviewed. Please leave a comment for this post letting me know that you'd like an interview question and then come back in a day or 2 and get your question (from the comments of this post) and then answer it on your blog. (I am cross posting this with my Diana's Daily Ramblings blog.)

Wendy's Question~
Hi Diana- You are so creative! Having designed blogs for so many adoptive parents, is there anything interesting you have learned or have seen about a family that you have created a blog for? Do you encourage your children to explore their creativity? If so how?

My response~
Wendy! Thanks so much for the compliment.
WOW~ I have learned so much from the many family blogs that I have redesigned and all the other blogs I have discovered in the process. I could list individual blogs and their great advice and interesting lives, but I am going to just to just tell you what I've come up with collectively. While you might not have met someone in real life, they can be a wonderfully, supportive friend! Also, there are so many ways to make a difference in a child's life! And, if you have an idea...create a blog, let your friends know (and ask for their advice), and go for it!
I know I can do a better job of encouraging my children to explore their creativity. So much of my creativity surrounds so called 'girly' things like sewing and crafts. I have no passed these on to my boys at all. This is one of the things I was excited about with having a daughter...teaching her to sew and be crafty. She's too young for that now, but I try to make up songs with her and teacher her rhyming and silliness. Both my boys are very creative! We nuture their music abilities through private lessons and by having several instruments here at home for them to play on. Both love creating with Lego and drawing silly cartoons. But most of all we just encourage our kids to be themselves and love who they are!

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this Wendy! I hope that my readers will jump in to be interviewed and then keep it going on their blogs.

Kreativ Blog Award

I have received 2 Kreativ Blog Awards recently. One is from Julie over at the Cool Mom Guide. for this blog. The other is from Laura at A Joyful Family for my Dori blog. Since the requirements for each award are similar, I am combining and posting the same thing on all 3 of my blogs.

6 Things I Love~

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
Photo Shop Elements
60-84 Degree Sunny Days
Baby/Toddler Laughter
Laying in a Hammock

Name 6 Things I Don’t Love~

Mending/Altering Clothing
Being Really Sweaty
Not Being Able to Find Something
Waiting in Long Lines
Really Cold Weather

Now I am passing this award on to the following~

Emila (Emila's Illustrated Blog) for her adorable creations
Kat (TragedyScrapinAnne's Blog) for her amazing creativity and ability to juggle so many things in her life
Lissa (Loving Lydia) for all the wonderful things she does to celebrate and honor her daughter’s heritage
Kimberly (Geswein Family) for her photography and knitting skills
Lisa (Maisie Eats Bento) for the wonderfully creative Bentos she makes for her daughter
Melissa (Your Family Fun) blog for all the great creative ideas for family fun

These people need to list 6 things you love/value and 6 things you don't love/value, then pass on the award to 6 other bloggers. Make sure you link to me and let me know when you've passed the award on. You can grab the image of the award from my blog.

Welcome Entrecard Users!

Just joined and I hooked! So many great blogs out there to read!!!
I will offer 10% off all services for one month (til 11/17/08) through November 2008 if you are an Entrecard user! You must become a regular dropper on this blog AND advertise via EC on this blog or post my button on your blog. Please let me know you are an EC user so that I can apply your discount before payment.

Pretty Ballerina

I have finished up Yvonne's blog for now. I will be adding a pic (where the ballerina is) when they get their referral and do some other updates.

Holiday Cards?

Are you looking for a unique photo card for the holidays? I will be offering photo card services for holidays greetings or other occasions. Details coming SOON!

I pimped my own blog!

Check out my personal blog!

Farm Fun

I just finished a CUTE farm blog for Jill. The header is animated!

Finally another blog!

I'm working on stuff for several clients at once. I finally got this blog done for Deanna.

Completely OT

If you are at all curious about my personal life, I've started a daily account:
Diana's Daily Ramblings.

Another Animated Blog

Colleen had me do another blog for her. She had me change her nutty design to something a little softer and prettier.

Vote For Me!

I entered a Halloween Blog Contest over at The Seventh Diamond.
Vote for me if you like my design!

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