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A Beautiful Blog!

I just redid the blog of the person that I had for the July 05 Dragonflies 2nd Secret Pal exchange. Not only did we receive our referrals in the same batch, but we met up in China! We've gotten together since returning home too! Isn't Lia adorable?

Cute, cute, cute!!! New Design Style

I just redid Vicki's blog this week and I am so pleased with the results. This is a new design style I have available. Do you like it?

2 New Blogs

I've been busy this week doing a few blogs and creating signatures for the Just One Child Auction to benefit Starfish Foster Home in China. You can get more info about that auction in the previous post.

The first blog I completed was Michelle's Day by Day blog. Michelle went with my premium blog service and how has an adorable animated blog. Check it out!On Wednesday I got an email from a friend who asked me to post a request on Craig's List for her. She has a (mentally-impaired) friend who LOVES keychains and is trying to get the world's largest collection of keychains. I told her I would do better than a Craig's List posting and create a blog for the cause. So Keychains for Jerry was born. Check out the blog and send Jerry a keychain or 2!


I am donating custom blog signatures to the Just One Child at a Time online auction this month. If you donate at least $5 to Starfish Home then you can get a custom blog signature added to new posts. See the details at the Just One Child at a Time auction.

list of signatures/donation
(linked when completed)
Michelle (gift from Mendy)
Michelle friend (gift from Andrea)

Total raised so far $120!


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