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Another New Look for Me!

Fun part of being a blog designer is that I can change my blog whenever I want. Here is what my personal blog looks like now~

4 compliments:

erin tales said...

I noticed the new 125 x 125 ad on my site!

And just so you know - you were "buzzed" by the Mom Buzz with the Monday Ohana Mama feature!


The Mom With Brownies said...

Hi, The blog looks great. Thank you for all the comments. I linked to you in my last post.

What kind of header could you make for me? I like my blog sort of plain but a nice graphic at the top might be nice. :o)

Deanna said...

Your work is gorgeous! I couldn't even begin to pretend to understand the least bit about how you do custom stuff - I just recently figured out the strike feature on blogger! ;)

(I'm checking out Brownie Mom's tagged blogs.)

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